Cottage Bedrooms for Cozy, Comfy Sleep

Cottage Bedrooms for Cozy, Comfy Sleep

Cottage bedrooms refer to a decor style focused on pastels, florals, and vintage accents. They are meant to provide an air of comfort and coziness to a space, something that is easily achieved with their lived-in, slightly rustic approach. One of the main goals of a cottage bedroom should be to create a getaway from the bustle of modern life.

Whether it’s finding a mattress size that suits your space, or understanding how to match different patterns together, decorating a cottage bedroom that you’re going to be in love with for a long time is easy. Here are some of our top tips to decorate the cottage bedroom of your dreams.

Tip #1 – Use Multiple Textures & Patterns for Interest 

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While some decor styles can be restrictive, cottage bedrooms are a lot more flexible about the types of patterns and styles that your space is set up with. Use quilts, patterned throw pillows and different layers of blankets and bedding to set your space up for inviting comfort.

Something to factor into your decision making for decor of this style is care and maintenance. Looking after different kinds of fabrics can be challenging, and learning how to do this effectively can go a long way in ensuring your bedroom remains a calming space for you. Try integrating more floral and vintage looking prints into your space for an extra touch of charm.

Tip #2- Use Personalized Accent Pieces 

One of the great things about cottage bedrooms is that you can really customize your space. Using personal memorabilia as decor pieces can customize your space and add to the rustic charm of your bedroom. Think about framing old photos, or repurposing old pieces of furniture that have a nostalgic look to them.

You can also use old books, repurpose fabrics, and use any materials you think can contribute to this warm and snug feeling.

Tip #3- Use an Appropriate Mattress Size for Your Space

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Mattress sizes can really make or break a space depending on what you choose to go for. A smaller mattress size can give your room the illusion of space, while a larger mattress size is a great option for when you know you’ll be sharing your bed or if you have the room for one.

If you’re wondering what the right mattress size for your space is, a good rule of thumb is to account for at least two inches of space between your bed and any other furniture in your bedroom. This ensures your room stays airy and light, a must-have feature in cottage style decor.

Tip #4 – Embrace Imperfection and the Unfinished Look

One of the best parts of cottage bedroom decor is that you don’t have to be too precious about making sure everything is in pristine condition. Having a vintage feel to your space is part of the look for a cottage bedroom, and it can keep your space looking extra cozy if there’s a chip or two on your furniture.

Another way to embrace imperfection in your bedroom? Refrain from completely making your bed, or otherwise, invest in a simple throw you can drape over your bed once you’ve made it. The final impact is going to leave you with something that feels amazing.

Whether it’s finding the best mattress size for your space, or simply coming to terms with the color scheme you want for your cottage bedroom, you’re going to want to choose furniture and decor that resonate deeply with you. With a little bit of planning, you’ll find that your bedroom decor comes together in no time.

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