Decorating den interiors: design trends for 2013

Home decorating is quite important as there are many things to consider and if you get even one thing wrong then there are chances of the whole look getting ruined. The trends in the design world keep on changing with time and it is essential to keep note of these trends in order to remain updated. The design professionals keep eyeing all the markets in order to get familiar with all the ongoing and approaching design trends in home decoration so that they do not fall back in the game. We are here to talk about the design trends that will prevail in the year 2013 in the design market.

Design trends that will dominate 2013

The design market in the spring season was filled with the prediction that the economy is going to turn around and it will prove good for the design market as the business in the sector will improve. With the approaching footsteps of the good times there were many new products introduced in the design market and along with that came an attitude that encouraged free thinking towards the use of different colors in homes. A hope for brighter future gave rise to the open mindedness regarding colors used in houses.


You might remember that as soon as tangerine tango was declared as the color of the year in 2012 it took no time in becoming the hot favorite of people in both personal fashion and home fashion markets. This particular color came as a refreshing change for the people and gave them a mood brightening lift. There were other popular trends in the year 2012 such as warm orange shades were mixed with shades of deep pinks as well as with teal and the resulting colors were nothing less than brilliant.

ikat print

The combination of the all the above mentioned colors were responsible for the rise of ikat prints which were a huge craze all year round in 2012. These particular prints as predicted by the design experts will be as famous in the year 2013 as they were last year. Pantone which happens to be a supplier of color systems plus technology for the designers, manufacturers, retailers and the people recently made an official announcement that the color emerald will rule the markets in 2013. The usual bustle that follows every such announcement was seen after this one as well.


The lighting and accessory manufacturing industries were bound to add the color emerald to their products in order to follow the latest trend. The paint suppliers too did not waste much time and began to show the walls covered in this vibrant shade of green. The upholstery providers however had a hard time in incorporating the emerald color in their products because an emerald green lamp or an accessory of the same color is easy to blend in any home but the same cannot be said about an emerald green colored sofa.


Emerald was not the only color that ruled the market as the other shades that were prevalent were of color blue. The color blue is endearing to the consumers as well as the designers and it is all thanks to its versatile nature. The upholstery industry too loves the color as it allows them to make wonderful products as per the latest trend. The shades of blue that were mostly seen in the home design market were deep rich indigo, cool sky, robin’s egg blue and denim. These were some of the latest trends that you ought to know as they rule the home design market.

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