Eco friendly menstrual products

Menstrual cycle is something all girls and women go through in our lives, and tampons and pads are our partner in those days of a month. Majority of us use those use and throw tampons, which are not environmentally friendly products and they contribute a lot to the landfill sites. However, there are also such menstrual products that are green they are eco- friendly. Continue reading, as this article intends to let you all know that weather eco friendly menstrual products are a better option, and what options are available on the market.


The reusable menstrual products are very comfortable, and they are as clean as the use and throw ones, so if you think the reusable products are not clean, then you need to get your facts clear. Besides comfort and safety, the reusable menstrual products have some other benefits as well. The tampons and pads that we women usually use are not eco-friendly, and they end up in landfill sites. Every year countless sanitary pads and tampons we all dump, which pollute the environment. Menstruation span in a women’s life is around 41 years, which means every woman contributes largely to the environmental pollution every year.

On the other hand, the reusable pads help sustain the environment. Another good factor about them is the affordability. You can even make your own pads by using scrap material at home and save money every month, which is just not possible if you go for those non eco-friendly menstrual products.

Vaginal Odor

Reusable tampons and pads are certainly healthier than the disposable tampons, as they are sterile and you can wash them and ensure safety and hygiene. Moreover, the disposable tampons sometimes cause vaginal irritation owing to their rough surface and presence of chemical residues. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that eco-friendly menstrual products are certainly a better deal than the disposable ones from the individual as well as environmental point of view. If you are somewhat convinced that actually reusable menstrual products are better than the disposable one then following are some options that you can avail:

Menstrual Cups


You insert them internally and let them collect the blood. The time to empty them depends on your blood flow.

Sea Sponges

Sea Sponges

They are actual sea sponges that you insert inside, and they absorb the flow. Change them and wash them with vinegar or hydrogen peroxide, and they are fit to be used again.

Cloth Pads

Cloth Pads 2

They are comfortable, easy to wash, and you get ample variety of colors and designs to choose from.


The reusable menstrual products are green products that save the environment, and they are clean, comfortable, and affordable, which make them favorable for women to use.

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