Effulgent hand-blown glass bulbs by Dylan Kehde Roelofs

hand blown glass bulbs
Poetic in form and graceful in its incandescence, the range of hand-blown glass bulbs by sculptor Dylan Kehde Roelofs brings a classic Victorian elegance to any space it illuminates. The sculptor himself describes them as the “restoration of dialogue between filament and bulb,” reflecting upon the philosophy behind the creation as a reaction against the “soulless glow of low-energy bulbs.” Coalescing the Modernist and Surrealist concepts and applying their attitude to the sphere of lighting design and glassblowing and emerging with a sculptural marvel, the lights are a true tribute to the traditions it inherits. Reminiscent of the glow of candles, the filaments come fully-replaceable and incapacitate rewiring and hermetical re-sealing.

hand blown glass bulbs2
hand blown glass bulbs3
hand blown glass bulbs4


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