Engrain Tactile Keyboard to use the sense of touch for a better typing experience

engrain tactile keyboard

While typing how will you come to know that you have pressed the wrong key? Well, the most commonly used way is recheck what you have typed by looking at the screen. When we type we touch the keys, how cool will it be if we could distinguish keys with the sense of touch! Michael Roopenian has conceived a computer keyboard named Engrain Tactile Keyboard that has intelligently exploited the sense of touch in the designing.

engrain tactile keyboard 01

This is a step ahead in building a relationship between the product and the user. Each tactile key has a distinct texture that makes it easy for a user to recognize it without even looking at the key. Engrain Tactile Keyboard with such a unique feature will take the typing experience to another level, creating a strong bond between the user and the keyboard. The keyboard has been designed keeping in mind the way people type and the typing style adopted by many. This means the way each finger is placed and moves on a keyboard was studied thoroughly for better results.

The concept sounds very addictive and is quite attractive as well. Engrain Tactile Keyboard promises to make the typing experience enjoyable with the usage of human sensitivities.

engrain tactile keyboard 02

engrain tactile keyboard 03

Via: Michaelroopenian

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