Experience multiple driving modes with NLPX-YOX 2021 concept car

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Shaped in the form of a penguin is a car which will prove to be a winner on traffic packed roads. Serving multiple driving purposes by swapping into various modes is NLPX-YOX 2021 concept car, designed by Peixin Li from Shandong, China.

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To make your driving experience more comfortable, it comes with a dual shock absorber damping system. With special wheel designs which can lessen prior tire damage, this car will maneuver easily through traffic. The tire is made out of a special material and is light in weight plus has an added flexibility and is wear-resistant. Working in magnetic circular motion and driven by a magnetic levitation technique, are the wheels which can be concealed by folding and come with a special carbon fiber. With a hide steering wheel, steering system, network interaction and a process to absorb the energy of the glass and batteries, makes the designing acceptable.

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So, drive it as a three super sports car, a four-wheel sports car or ride it as a bike with an element of fun, NLPX-YOX will happily convert as you wish it to. Travel exactly in a mode, the way traffic demands.

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Via: Michelinchallengedesign

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