Most exquisite modern refrigerator design concepts to hit soon

Refrigerators have become an inseparable part of the modern kitchen. Many new concepts have been emerging that will change the way in which we perceive the refrigerators today. These exceptional design ideas are to add a whole new bunch of features to these cold-favored machines. Some of the modern refrigerator concepts to land sometime soon are enlisted below.

  1. Flatshare Refrigerator

Stefan Buchberger gave the concept of Flatshare refrigerator from the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria. It has a design, which is especially for people who live with roommates. The Flatsharerefrigerator is for multiple-user use and has four individual compartments that allow a separate refrigerator space for each user. The compartments of the Flatshare are customizable with a variety of colors and add-ons such as bottle openers. Moreover, every individual compartment has a mounted handle on the side, which makes it easy to move them.

  1. Tree House Refrigerator

The Tree House Refrigerator is a modern design concept, which is a combination of many small individual refrigerator compartments that is like a branch-shaped storage system. Yanko Design gave the design concept of this multi-compartment refrigerator. The user can make each compartment to store a single category of products.

One of its compartments has holes and pattern giving resemblance like a fruit shelf. Another compartment is like a birdhouse where you can store eggs. Moreover, a foot pedal is present on the foot of the door, which user can press to slide open the door.

  1. Electrolux Bio Robot Refrigerator

Electrolux is a smart and innovative refrigerator concept that does not use electricity for its working. The Bio refrigerator, Electrolux, uses a biopolymer gel, which cools itself via luminescence for its working. The user has to place the food into the gel, present in the refrigerator. The surface tension of the gel will create an individual pod for each item and thus prevents touching and odor transfer among them. The Electrolux will also be capable of consuming less space than the current refrigerator models.

  1. Frigido

The Frigido Economic Fridge concept inspires itself from the cardiovascular system of human beings. Frigido has a rounded shape and has features that follow simplicity and ergonomics. The conceptual fridge has six compartments with different temperature levels. Each compartment of this fridge can hold a specific food category, with two compartments for daily use. The user has only to open the compartment he/she needs. This feature enables the compressor of the refrigerator to use less power to recover the loss of cold from it. Moreover, it has a water dispenser that user can adjust according to his/her height. The Frigido uses sliding doors for better opening and uses a more ergonomic way of functioning.

  1. Teleport Fridge

The Teleport Fridge is a future refrigerator concept that has presented to the world by DulyawatWongnawa. The fridge relies its functioning on Teleporting, which is an envisioned science fiction and yet to be realized.

This conceptual fridge eliminates the time and distance that user has to travel for purchasing food items by simply teleporting the food from one place to other. The fridge will employ a touchscreen technology as its user interface, which is easy to use and is effective. The user of this Teleport Fridge will get his/her products directly from the grocery stores to the fridge by simply placing orders through a phone or e-mail. 

These soon-to-come refrigerator design innovations will not only enhance user experience but will also enhance the overall functionality of a modern refrigerator. You can place your bet on these units to be far more economical and eco-friendly than their conventional counterparts that we’re using these days.

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