Five exceptionally fastest trains in the world

Speed has become an essential in today’s life for most of the professional as well as business persons. Everyone is so busy that they want to reach their destination on time. Train being the most popular and widespread mean of transportation has been tried to be provided with enough speed that can serve people to reach their destinations on time. Keeping the need of the citizens, different countries have patronized their scientists to bring out many incredibly fastest trains that would help people reach their destinations as soon as possible.

Let us discuss few of the fastest trains that are running to serve the citizens of various countries.


CRH380A, China

This model was designed by the Chinese locomotive manufacturer, CSR Qingdao Sifang Locomotive & Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. This train is designed using CRH2 foreign technology. A 25 kV AC Overhead electrical system is used in this train to make it function properly. This train can run at a speed of 380 Km per hour and while testing, it was made to run 480 km per hour. CRH380A can serve 494 people at a time. The routes of this train are Shanghai–Nanjing and Shanghai–Hangzhou.

TR-09, Germany

TR or Transrapid is a monorail that uses magnetic levitation. This train usually runs in Germany. The most recent and updated version of this train is TR-09 that is believed to touch a speed of 500 KPH. However, it has been decided to run at a speed of 450 KPH for safety reasons. The TR-09 uses approximately 50–100 kW energy per section for levitation and travel, and vehicle control.


Shinkansen, Japan

The Shinkansen is also known as the bullet trains. These trains run on a network of high speed trains in Japan. These trains connect different cities in japan. A 25,000 V AC overhead power required to make the train run. During test, the train could run up to a speed of 443 KMH. the most recent version of Shinkansen can run at a speed of 320 KMH in service.

TGV Reseau, France

Alstom took the initiative to build TGV Reseau between 1992 and 1996. These trains are based on the concept of TGV Atlantique. A 25 kV AC, 1500 V DC and 3000 V DC is used in this train to make it perform. This train can accommodate 377 passengers at a time. Though the train can run at a speed of 380 KPH, it runs on the approved speed of 320 KPH.


KTX 2, South Korea

Hyundai Rotem has designed and launched the KTX II high speed train in South Korea. This train has been in service since March, 2009. The top speed approved for this train is 305 KPH. The electric system used by this train is electric system by this train is 25 kV/60 Hz AC catenary. KTX II can serve 363 passengers at a time.

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