Five wind powered vehicle for a green drive

It has been a huge concern for everyone that we are gradually running out of fossil fuels. Everyone is under apprehension about the future of the planet and the transportation system. What will happen if the fossil fuel finishes for good and there are no alternatives found to run the vehicles on other fuels? It would be a very miserable situation then. Though many of the scientists are dedicatedly employed in finding the alternative power sources that can help the vehicles run, they are yet to succeed completely. Many scientists have succeeded in using renewable natural resources to produce power that can drive the vehicle.

Wind being a natural resource can help a vehicle run. Let us discuss few of the vehicles that are designed to run on wind power.


Windferry Vessel

The American Company, Wind+Wing Technologies has announced to build the first winged and wind-assisted ferry vessel for public use in the San Francisco Bay Area. The ferry vessels will not only provide the public with an opportunity to save their money wasted in travelling but also it will help in saving a lot of fossil fuel used in public transport vehicles.

Beluga Cargo Vessel

The Beluga Group has taken the initiative to make cargo vessels that can move on wind power. It is a German project and a heavy-lift cargo vessel operator. A 160-meter sail is designed by the Hamburg-based SkySails GmbH for making the vehicle effective. It has been reported that the use of this sail has lowered the fuel consumption by almost 20 per cent. If this suit is used by other shipping companies, it would be very beneficial environmentally as this cargo vessel is very eco-friendly.


Wind-powered Rickshaw

The initiative to make a rickshaw pulled by wind was brought into existence by a rickshaw driver in Nepal to ease his task of rickshaw pulling. He has designed the wind-powered rickshaw by installing a windmill on his rickshaw. The windmill is made of a metal drum that adapts wind power to help provide extra thrust to the pedals. The windmill is connected through a side-mounted gear to the drive wheel, making it easier to pedal in a tailwind.

The Pterosail Trike

Pterosail has designed a trike that is designed with a sail and an electric-assist motor. The system can be used to completely power the trike or it can also be made functional in conjunction with pedaling. The sails are designed in a way to convert wind power into electrical power that can be stored in two 24-volt deep cycle marine batteries. This stored electrical energy helps the motor function.



The Greenbird is the result of the collaborative efforts of UK’s first and largest independent green electricity company, Ecotricity, and engineer Richard Jenkins. The Greenbird is a vehicle that can move in both land and ice. The Greenbird moves with the wind power. It has also created a world record by moving at a speed of 126.2 mph that is highest ever for a wind driven vehicle.

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