Six cool and creative water-powered designs

Power crisis has become the primary concern for scientists in recent days. The non-renewable power sources are believed to be finished in near future. Hence, almost everyone in world is apprehensive about the future of technology. Though many scientists have tried their way to find replacement for the conventional energy sources, few of them have reached the threshold of success.

Let us discuss few of the successful attempts by the scientists to bring out the products that run on renewable power source. They have used unconventional sources to generate power to replace the gradually finishing power sources.


Denny Klein is the one who has invented a water powered car. It runs on Aquygen. Aquygen is nothing but the normal water or H2O broken down to HHO gas. Previously, scientists believed it to be impossible to run a car on water. However, Klein has realized the dream of a car running on water power. Klein claims that the design will fit on any car that has a piston engine in it. The prototype in this car is hybrid and it runs on a mixture of a gas and Aquygen.



You need not bother about the battery life of your clock any longer as there has been already a clock in market that runs on electrolytic fluid such as water, soda, and coffee, or even Beer. This watch has been made to reality by Bedol and this eco-friendly product runs easily on water and lemon.

Bucket Generator

The bucket generator is the best alternative to produce electricity in the remote villages where it is impossible to establish electric distribution system. A water turbine is used to generate electricity from a bucket of water. The generator is designed with inlet tubes, alternator, turbine, battery and electronics.The body of the bucket generator can contain 20 litters of waterand the inlet tubes enter the bucket from the top and drain holes are cut in the bottom to let the water flow out. The power generation happens inside this bucket.



Recently the calculators that run on water power have been launched. These calculators operate on the fuel cells present in it. When water comes in the contact of the fuel cell, a chemical reaction occurs between the zinc anode and cathode, which results in production of power to run the calculator.

Cell Phones

Samsung has been successful in producing the water powered cell phones. The cell phone works on the Micro Fuel Cells (MFC) and hydrogen generator powered by water. On turning on the device, water and metal in the phone react to produce hydrogen gas that reacts with hydrogen in the air to create power. As every micro-fuel cell can produce power up to three watts, it can provide small phones up to 10 hours of battery life.


Street Lights

Ireland has come up with an innovative idea of using water power to get the street lights illuminated instead of using electricity or gas. The hydro light has been installed for a test run on a footbridge over the River Finn in Ballybofey. The working principle of this design is based on the working efficiency of the 110 watt turbine through which the water passing downstream in the river is made to flow. This process helps in charging the batteries that run each 30 watt LED.

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