Design Goes Green in Montreal

Talk in town- New eco friendly design of a Montreal Showroom

As the motto of going green or environment friendly has taken new turns in the society, interior designers are also taking it as a challenge so that they can develop the best of the best eco friendly designs for the betterment of the society. The changes have been seen in Montreal and the new developments are clearly seen. Experts are stating that as Montreal is one of the best cities for business, eco friendly changes will surely affect the society in positive ways. The experts have also stated that, these changes will have the influence on the society as the will be encouraged to adopt the eco friendly measures.

Where did the change happen?

It is not that eco friendly designs will not enhance your style and ambiance. As Montreal has been constantly looking for green development projects, it has recently given one of the most magnificent designs that are simply out of this world. The development or you can say it as a redesigning of office has been done for one of the showrooms of Teknion Corporation. The changes, which has been done in the seven thousand square feet area is something that you will notice and admire. The designer of this place stated after completing the project that, it was a tough task but it has been achieved and they have put a feather in the cap of eco friendly developments in Montreal.

Who designed?

Kiva and Vanderbyl designs were the mind behind this beautiful development. Every part of the showroom, which includes office space, boardrooms, conference halls, kitchen and washrooms have been redesigned. The experts from the industry are stating that, the changes, which have been done, are remarkable and it will be a stepping-stone for other designer present in Montreal who is ready to take the eco friendly measures. After the completion of the project, experts visited the place and stated that, everything that has been installed in this place is exceptionally good along with which has stood on the benchmark of being eco friendly.

The praises by the president

Even the president of Teknion Corporation has stated that, it is something that was not expected as the results, which has been attained, is outstanding. In addition, the president also stated that, the changes in the showroom would surely attract more customers as it is a drastic change in area of Montreal. The president also stated that, they would host a free demo of the showroom that has been designed so that budding architects and designers are able to know about the new designs and eco friendly measures, which are being taken into use. Along with this, the president stated that, they have loved the design in Montreal and will surely plan something same for the other branches all across the world so that they can play their part of being environment friendly.

Problems faced and solutions achieved

The experts who were working on the showroom design stated that, working on the new model of the showroom was a tough task as there were different changes, which were to be implemented. They also stated that, they have considered the French designs along with brocade pattern so that the best design can be attained. The designers also stated that, they had put up the lighting in such a manner that it reflected the natural light during the day so that it can cut down the expenses. The walls of the showroom along with other parts have been made of aluminum panels that will help in reflecting the light in the room and not in the eyes of people present. Across the world, this design of the showroom in Montreal is being talked as it has set up a benchmark for eco friendly designers all across the world.


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