Go Green in Style: Design Concepts for Eco Curtains

Curtains are mainly used for the purpose of preventing heat and sunlight from entering the rooms. Draping curtains over the doors and windows secure you. But instead of conventional curtain designs, you can opt for innovative styles that help save energy in many ways. Some curtains come embedded with solar cells to generate energy in sunlight and use it at night for lighting. Other designs help preserve energy.

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The Energy Curtain, conceptualized by the industrial designer team of Johan Redström, Margot Jacobs, Linda Worbin, Ramia Mazé and Carolin Müller, serves separate purpose other than stopping the entry of heat and daylight into your rooms. The curtain is designed to harvest power from heat and sunlight during the day and at night, the light-emitting elements in the inner portion of the curtain will allow it to glow using the stored power. Consequently, your room will benefit from natural light 24×7.

You are able to harvest power during the daytime with the help of the amazing solar curtain concept called Some Shine. Some Shine prevents heat and sunlight from entering your house in sunny days. The solar cells in the curtain harvest power and store it in a charging base. You can charge your tablets, smartphones and LED lamps in the dark with the stored power.

The window-covering Tucson Blackout curtain helps you optimize the warmth in your rooms. Apart from keeping sunlight, cold and noise pollution away, the curtain imparts an impressive look to your rooms. The window curtain has been designed with Thermatic lining, allowing you to save energy costs. The blackout curtain is able to black 99 percent of the light from outside.

Energy Saving Blackout Curtain is an eco-friendly energy-saving curtain that can darken the room any moment of the day. It helps you stay warm in winter and cool during the summer season. You can block noise pollution and sunlight by draping the curtain on your windows. Available in 84 and 63 inch length, the energy saving blackout curtain comes in different colours at a price of $54.99.

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Eco-Leaf Shade consists of OLED and E ink lamps in the form of leaves. The exclusive power harvesting window covering can harvest power from heat and sunlight. Rooms are protected from sunlight and heat in daytime. OLED lamps present within the curtain illuminate at night, using the stored power. The design helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Designed by the Integral Studio Vinaccia, the Solar Module boasts of a LED-embedded solar ceramic tile that you are able to use in the form of a curtain for the windows in your room. You can prevent the entry of heat and sunlight during the day and light up your room at night with the stored power.

The Soft House structure developed from KVA Matx by architect Sheila Kennedy and her team is a great textile embedded with solar cells, capable of producing up to 16,000 watts-hour of power. The textiles can be used to design curtains as well as other materials. They harvest power from heat and sunlight in daytime and illuminate the lights at night.

SunTiles happens to be a curtain powered by sunlight that allows your room to heat up in cold winter days. Astrid Krogh came up with the design for SunTiles, recycling solar panels that had been left unused. Combining a curtain with abandoned photovoltaic cells, she has managed to come up with this amazing natural heating system. Solar panels are woven together with the curtain. Therefore, you get to enjoy natural heat within your room yet, at the same time, manage to keep sunlight away from your room during the day.

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