13 – Incredible underground homes

Cave Home

The world population is increasing like anything. However, the problem is our urban housing isn’t up to the mark when it comes to accommodating this bulging population. Furthermore, most types of modern houses aren’t that good when it comes to cooling. These get extremely hot during summers and extremely cold during winters. Well, at least in these respects the housing of the old times that is underground homes fare much better. You don’t have to worry about their building orientation. They don’t require insulation to stay warm or ventilation to remain cold. No wonder they are the cradle of our civilization.

The conventional dwelling places are becoming boring for many people who believe in adventures. Some of those believe staying in an unusual place is very much challenging and a new thing to experience. So they have found many unusual homes where they can dwell in. it has been an innovative idea to construct underground homes and decorate it in your own interiors. These homes are naturally constructed so they are eco-friendly. You need not spend enough to construct the complete house though you need to design it to look good.

13 – Incredible underground homes

Let us discuss few of those underground homes that have gained popularity.

1. Buried House, Vals, Switzerland

Buried House, Vals, Switzerland

The architects of SeArch and Christian Müller have designed the buried house in Vals. It is hidden from all sides and provides a perfect temperature to dwell in. The house does not require heating or cooling in winter and summer respectively. The location of this buried house is pretty exciting as it is made near the breath-taking landscapes of Vals.

2. Iranian Cave Homes

Iranian Cave Homes

Iranian cave homes are pretty old constructions. These are believed to be around 700 years old. These homes were carved from natural rock formations to create dwelling places for people residing in Iran then.

3. SiloHome

The construction design of this abode looks more or less like a hunting lodge at the surface. The living space of this house is so luxurious that it would leave you astonished for a moment. These SiloHomes were constructed during cold wars and later they were abandoned.

4. Cave Home

Cave Home

The sleepe’s family had taken the initiative to construct an interesting underground property. The cave home is constructed on three acres of land with an empty sandstone cave in Festus, Missouri. They designed their new abode inside the naturally constructed cave. This home provides the dwellers with a perfect temperature to live in. The temperature inside this house never rises or falls whether it is summer or winter. Though the walls of this house sheds sands, the dwellers do not find it irritating enough and they find their house peaceful enough to stay in.

5. Aloni Underground House

Aloni Underground House

The landscapes of the Cycladic Islands have inspired the Athens based firm Deca Architecture to construct a beautiful underground house named Aloni House. The house primarily consists of natural elements so it is very eco-friendly and low profile. In addition, it lies in the gorgeous valley of Antiparos in Greece. The house has two stone walls that connect by a green roof that spans two adjacent slopes.

6. Cave House in Festus, Missouri

Cave House in Festus, Missouri

Making use of a natural sandstone cave, this 15 thousand square foot home is a modern-day answer to eco-friendly living.  This home is energy efficient and was made by Curt and Deborah Sleeper in Festus, Missouri.  Although the exterior of the home might betray your thoughts, nevertheless, the interiors are extremely contemporary which merge in well with the rough sandstone walls.  The clever designing of the home and geothermal heating makes this home energy efficient, as it does not require a furnace of air conditioner.

7. Malator in Druidstone, Wales

Malator in Druidstone, Wales

This amazing futuristically designed home has now evolved as one of the finest architectural masterpieces of Wales. Constructed in the hollow of a trench, this home has also been nicknamed as the “Teletubby House”.  The Malator has a simplistic design with one room inside that is separated with the help of various coloured pods.  However, the exterior of the home blends in seamlessly with its grassy surroundings.

8. Hidden House in Lower Silesia, Poland


Aptly called the Hidden House, this underground abode from KWK Promes has a grassy roof, which only the residents can use.  From here, there is a set of stairs leading downstairs inside the home.  From the surface, you just would not be able to make out that if there is a home that exists under the grassy turf.

9. The Underground House, Great Ormside, Cumbria, England


Making use of an abandoned quarry site, the Underground House in Great Ormside, Cumbria, England, is one of the best ways to bring life into an area that was once bustling with activity.  This amazing double-storeyed home was build for Phil and Helen Reddy and was designed by John Bodger, an architect.

10. The Sleeper Cave House

The Sleeper Cave House

This cave house belongs to William Curt Sleeper, his wife Deborah, and their three kids. It is a spacious and a beautiful home, tucked into a 17, 000 square foot hole that a sandstone mine left in Festus, Missouri. Curt says the house is an eco-friendly home, as he does not use artificial measures to cool or heat up the house. The cave walls provide natural insulation and keep the home temperature suitable the entire year. It took around 300 sliding glass doors to construct the front wall of their cave house. They water garden with the water that they collect everyday from the air via dehumidifiers.

11. The Buried House in Vals, Switzerland

The Buried House in Vals, Switzerland

The Buried house is a design by SeArch and Christian Müller architects. All sides of the house, except for the front, are buried deep in the ground. The underground structure of the house makes it a home that requires no heating and cooling in the winters or the summers.

12. Hidden Lair tucked beneath mounds of grass

Hidden Lair tucked beneath mounds of grass

This hidden house is a Swiss estate that looks like the one from a fairytale. Made by the technique of the earth house construction by Vetsch Architektur, the house lies beneath a bumpy layer of green grass. In addition, it serves as an insulating blanket and protects the house from wind, rain, low temperatures, and other natural disasters.

13. Frank Lloyd Wright Fallingwater underground eco-cottages

Frank Lloyd Wright Fallingwater underground eco cottages

Designed by Patkau Architects, these eco-friendly underground cottages are spread over 5,000 acre Bear Run Natural Reserve surrounding Fallingwater. Furthermore, they are good for the dwellers, the environment, and eye-pleasing for the passersby.


Underground homes used to be built out of necessity during the time of the World Wars for shelter and protection.  However, now, it has become a new way of connecting with nature and living in a sustainable fashion.

Nevertheless, the underground living or the cave homes are eco-friendly homes that reduce the carbon footprint on the environment. They can be luxurious and well established, matching the ancient with the modern.

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