Five most unusual balconies in the world

Balconies have become staple additions to every home or apartment that is built nowadays. And while many builders choose to build normal looking balconies or terraces, some take creativity and architectural brilliance to new heights by building some of the most unusual balconies one can ever come across. We have listed out five such balconies which would definitely captivate everyone’s hearts for sure.


The Aquaria Grande

Located in Mumbai, India, this 37 story skyscraper plans to be the biggest residential complex in the city with over 200 apartments, a 3 story car parking, a sauna and a gym etc. But the highlight of the entire project would be the balconies allotted to each apartment. Each individual balcony would feature a swimming pool that would be enclosed in glass walls instead of standard concrete walls. When completed, these swimming pool balconies would most definitely be the most unusual balconies in the world.


The Ledge

Probably the scariest balcony in the world, the Ledge is situated in Willis Tower, the tallest building in the U.S.A. The skyscraper has a total of 108 stories, with the Ledge (4 of them actually) being located on the 103rd floor. The Ledge’s USP is that it is made entirely of glass, even the floor. Considering the fact that they are suspended at a height of 1353 feet from the ground and have nothing underneath you except a sheet of glass, you would really need to have nerves to enter them.


The Bloomframe Balcony

Perfect for those space constrained homes, the Bloomframe Balcony is made of glass, aluminum and steel, and functions as both a standard window frame and a balcony. When needed, the window frame can be extended to form a sturdy balcony. The credit for the design for the Bloomframe Balcony goes to HofmanDujardin Architects who won the red dot design award (product design category) for the same in 2008.


The Hammokum

So what do you do when your house does not have a balcony? Simple, you build your own balcony, just like many Amsterdammers do. The Hammokum is the perfect addition to all those houses in Amsterdam that do not have balconies. The basic design of this balcony follows a hammock that is strung outside the window of an apartment. These Hammokums would be the perfect places to read, relax or sleep, and you can find plenty of these unusual balconies in the Dutch capital.


The Car Balcony

Worried about your car getting stolen? Then opt for the car balcony, an innovative balcony design put forward by German architects Johannes Kauka and Manfred Dick. The basic design includes a car elevator that can carry your car right up to the entrance of your penthouse. The elevator is big enough to fit a Bentley; so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in it with your car.


These are definitely some of the most unusual balconies in the world. Of course, like records that tend to get broken some time or the other, we are sure that sooner or later, several more unusual balconies would make it to this list.

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