Five stunning and inspiring homes made using recycled materials

We always hear about the need of recycling but very few of us truly realize its value and necessity. Recycling is necessary to decrease the amount of garbage that the human race creates annually. Paper, plastic bags, bottles and discarded gadgets are all thrown into the dumpster and then they are carried away to be finally dumped at landfills. The chemical waste pollutes our environment and makes our world less inhabitable. Some eco-conscious individuals have understood the value of recycling and they have built unique houses from discarded materials. Many architects and even artists have come forward to make buildings and houses from discarded materials like scraps, bottles and plastic. These houses are not just comfortable but also sufficiently sturdy. In many places around the world, building materials usually remain out of stock. Recycling can help in the construction of usable building in such places. The recycled houses are an inspiration for all of us to make recycling a part of our daily life and stop environmental pollution. This article will tell you about five stunning houses made from recycled materials.


The Scrap House:

Looking at the Scrap house you will not be able to believe that it is made of only scrap materials. Some very brilliant people have come together to design, plan and make this house a reality. Some architects, artists, engineers, city officials and contractors of San Francisco joined hands to build the amazing Scrap House in 2005 to celebrate the World Environment Day.


Dan Philips’s recycled houses:

Dan Philips has worked on several projects of building houses from recycled and reused materials. He uses discarded plywood and even license plates to make sustainable houses. His houses are affordable and beautiful.


Beer Can House:

Beer lovers would be proud to see the Beer Can House made by John Milkovisch in the year 1968. It is truly magnificent how he turned something as useless as empty beer cans into a building material. The only problem with the house is probably the strong scent of beer.


Junk Castle:

Victor Moore, a school teacher and artist, built the Junk Castle by using scrap and recycled materials in 1970. It is located in the Washington state. Building this castle had cost Moore a meager $500.


Villa Welpeloo:

Jan Jongert and Jeroen Bergsma are two brilliant architects who constructed a beautiful house in the Netherlands using discarded materials like old machinery and cable reels.


Building houses by using scrap materials is a great idea. This way we can use our resources in a better way and stop the world from slowly becoming a giant dumpster.

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