Innovations in designs of cell phones that have made life difficult

We constantly hear about how our lives have been made easier with cell phones . However cell phones have also managed to make the user’s life a little difficult owing to its vast range of innovative apps and uses.


Innovations in designs of cell phones that have made life difficult

There are 10 million users of cell phones and this number is ever increasing. Cell phones have become an integral part of our lives, if not our whole life. Nomophobia is an actual word now. That people cannot live without their cell phones is an actual phenomenon that does take place. But have you ever wondered how your cell phone is making life difficult for you? Let’s find out how.

  • Your phone is spying on you – All those cool apps that you have installed on your phone can steal your personal data, location, phone number, etc. We are not kidding.  Foursquare collects your phone number, phone ID, location, age, gender, the list is endless. Angry Birds collects your contacts , location and sends them to Google and to Flurry. All this might sound scary to you and although there isn’t much use for all that data they store except maybe for users analytics, it is creepy. If you do not want any more of this to happen, use security apps PermissionDog and ESET Mobile Security while installing apps or check what permission you are granting these apps.


  • Way too convenient – The cell phone is convenient in the sense that you cannot be out of reach and well, that is the downside as well, you can never be out of reach. What if you simply do not feel like taking anyone’s call and have just switched off the phone to relax a bit? Your parents will probably panic that you are out of reach and try contacting your friends or roommates that will call for an explanation later.


  • Recordings – All cell phone nowadays have video-cameras installed in them that allows your picture and videos to be taken anytime anywhere. There might be a drunk incident or one where you fall face down and you can never be sure if it will be uploaded to the internet right that very moment. Again, there is the concern for strangers taking your picture and using it for miscellaneous purposes. Photoshop again comes handy for these mischief-makers.


  • Nomophobia – It is an actual phenomenon. People do get addicted to their phones . You can become too dependent on your phones for every simple thing and without it, you might experience withdrawal symptoms.

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