Five worst products of modern times

The modern era of is filled with manifold products, of which some are useful while others are totally a junk. Despite the huge sum of money that companies are spending on the research and development, yet they still manage in trundling out a few absolute junk. Products of today are certainly an utter waste of money and resources. These days, junk products are available in plenty, and five of the worst include:


Disposable utensils:

These days, using throwaway utensils, such as plates, glass, cups and spoons instead of metal, china and glass, has become very common. This apart from being a total waste of money also puts a large burden on the natural environment.


Diet Products:

With the rise in weight watchers and fitness freaks, companies are coming up with diet products to satiate their needs. This is accessible in two forms, i.e. medications that are harmful and drinks, herbal pills and powders that help in solidifying the stomach for you to feel full devoid of eating. These meal substitutes are no good for the body. The only diet that is healthy for the body and works in moderation is to eat less. This, along with making you feel better is also light on the pocket.


Sleeping pills for kids:

There is nothing more harmful than taking sleeping pills and especially in case of children. Today, pharmaceutical companies produce sleeping pills for kids. However, parents should refrain from this. There are better ways of curing a child who does not have a proper sleep. You can cure their insomnia via more vigorous activities all through the day.


Sugar coated cereals:

Cereals have become every household name. This has indeed become a favourite breakfast, especially among children. However, unfortunately these sugarcoated cereals are so popular among kids that many refuse in consuming any cereal, which is not sugary. On the one hand, parents are concerned about unhealthy foods that results in excess fat accumulation in their child’s body but on the contrary they are not concerned of the fact that most children begin their day having huge sugar crush that is followed by carbohydrate and crash cravings.


Cough mixtures:

When we get flu or cold, the first thing we do is have a cough syrup. Cough syrups are made for people who want a respite from cough and cold, but complete respite is not available in a bottle. Rather than going for expensive cough syrups it is always best to go natural. You can mix honey, ginger and Tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum) and have it. This is truly beneficial and has zero side effects. However, if you get cold, there can be nothing more beneficial than eating well and keeping warm.


Products come and go all the time, some are good while others are bad. There are countless junk products available in the market of which some of the worst are listed in this article.

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