Forrest Fulton Architecture designs a living mountain structure for Armenia

lace hill1

Seeking to combine performance, function and sustainability within a new kind of mixed-use complex, Forrest Fulton Architecture proposes a unique architecture that focuses on creating an urbanistic landscape. The Alabama-based firm has designed an 85,000 square meter biomorphic spatial surface for Yerevan, Armenia that connects the adjacent city and the landscape. This huge man-made hill is draped with in native plants irrigated with a recycled gray water system. Dubbed the “Lace Hill,” the hill that incorporates retail and restaurants on the bottom floor, office space on the north side, and a hotel and apartments on the south side has viewing seats for the Yerevan and Mt. Ararat.

The large interior voids provide shaded and naturally ventilated spaces, while geothermal heat pumps along with radiant floors provide heating and cooling for the rooms. It incorporates completely underground parking. Boasting a “holistic, ultra-green lifestyle,” the Lace Hill is one gigantic man made building that is quite close to a hill.

lace hill2

lace hill3

lace hill4

lace hill5

lace hill6

lace hill7

Via: ArchDaily

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