HomeLight Reviews: An In-depth Guide

HomeLight Reviews

HomeLight is a tech-based real-estate platform that matches buyers/sellers with realtors basis its own data and algorithm. It works with several low-commission real estate companies to create customized resources for selling a house. HomeLight reviews online are largely positive. It has an average rating of 4.7 out of 1,012 reviews.

In this article, we offer an in-depth guide on the pros and cons of using this platform as per its customer feedback. 

Advantages of HomeLight

1.     Vast coverage of agents

HomeLight reviews praise the ample selection of agents provided by the service. Off the bat, it offers three agent matches. Users can interview and compare these options, which is highly recommended when doing realtor shopping.

If you are unhappy with the matches provided at the start, the company makes it very easy to get more matches. All you need to do is press a button and voila you get two more agent matches.

Besides this, HomeLight also allows comparison shopping by displaying details about every agent on its dashboard.

When working with agent-matching services, it is ideal to do a quick Google scan before fixing an interview with them. However, HomeLight only gives the first name and the surname’s initials of its agents.

Nonetheless, many users have been successful in tracking down these agents online. Most of the company’s rivals give full names and contact details upfront.

2.     Great agent coverage in smaller towns

The company has extensive coverage in rural areas and smaller towns versus some of its rivals. This shows a huge network size.

Having said that, HomeLight reviews suggest that as the platform prioritizes a number of sales, small-town users may still get matched with agents from nearby metros, just because lesser sales take place in remoter markets.

But given HomeLight’s abundant matches you can eliminate the agents outside your town if you are keen on working with someone who has a deep knowledge of your locality.

Some past users have praised the localized expertise of the company’s agents.

3.     Streamlined user experience

As per HomeLight reviews, its dashboard is simple to use and useful for evaluating choices. It lists helpful background information for every agent to help customers decide who fits their bill. The chosen agent can be contacted directly via the dashboard. All the communication is also tracked by the dashboard.

Not all agent-matching services have a dashboard with customized information. Instead, offer agent matches and then talk with you over the phone or email. Getting so many notifications from a company via so many channels becomes confusing.

Hence, organized space for the entire agent-selection process is welcomed by the users.


1.     Poor-quality matches

Some HomeLight reviews mention that while the company’s agent-matching process is automated, which makes it quicker, so much reliance on technology may also result in technical faults, poor-quality matches, and delays.

Most competing services use tech for agent-matching, but they also have a human concierge who handpicks the agent based on the collected data. They also apply their personal knowledge about agents in matching them with clients.

But HomeLight’s dependence on technology has some constraints. Computers also make errors and their results may not always reflect the details you need. When you talk to the concierges of competing services, they try to learn about you deeper. The matching does take longer and can only happen during a specific time period.

HomeLight also has a concierge but as per HomeLight reviews, they do not respond to texts even when customers chose that as their preferred mode of communication.

2.     Lack of data privacy

Several complaints about HomeLight mention that it sells user data to third parties. This became evident as customers saw an uptick in unsolicited phone calls and spam after registering for the company’s service.

However, this is not always the case because as the company matches its users with a wide range of agents, the surge in emails could just be from your matches. 

Final word

HomeLight is a good option for buyers who are moving to a new area as it can help you find an agent who is familiar with your area. Besides this, sellers who want to sell soon can get help from HomeLight’s matching service that will connect them with an agent who can get you top dollar for your property.

However, this service is not for discount seekers. The company just minimizes the risk of you ending up with a bad agent. You still owe them some commission. Alternatively, you can also choose other low commission real estate companies like Houzeo&Redfin.

Real estate agents’ loyalists who do not want to switch their realtors may also not use its services.

Regardless of whether you are a home seller or buyer, there is no cost involved in using the services of this platform.

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