Guide to Western Style Home Decorating


Western-style homes are a great way to make a home feel open and spacious. Western-style homes are often characterized by the use of natural materials, such as wood, leather, and stone. These materials can be found in different parts of the house, from the flooring to the furniture.

In 2014 the movement started with western interior design. This meant that more people were falling in love with the warm, rich tones that only the western-style can bring. If you are looking to replicate the look of a western lodge style, rustic cowboy hideaway cabin in the hills, or a cattle ranch, the western look is for you. In other words, there are many ways and forms that a western look can take without making it look like you belong in a cattle barn.

The materials are mostly natural with amazing leather furniture and real wool or fur rugs. Each style is a little unique to the decorator’s liking, but one thing is for sure, the colors will be warm and inviting. They will replicate those you find in the desert, such as rich browns and golden tans with a splash of color such as reds, blues or greens to mix it up a bit. 

Lighting for a Western Look


There is often hidden lighting throughout that further warms up the look of the area. This cozy feel has been a look for generations but only until recent years has it gone mainstream. While you could find this look in homes out west, you can now find it just about anywhere as they start to replicate it.

Much of the decor is western artifacts, artwork done in oil or vintage photographs. There is usually a fireplace with a mantel made from natural stone. Many pieces are old and antique but have a look that nature had a part in its creation. You will find rich woods that will invite you in, along with the lack of window treatments. That’s right, just leave those windows bare and enjoy the outdoor view. If you insist on curtains, be sure to keep them simple and made of natural materials such as suede. Embellish the curtains with some leather trim and beading details.

These rich natural materials are often used as accent pieces and give the furniture that western flair. There are accent rugs that are usually in bold and colorful prints. These go well with the natural, earthy tones of the west. The furniture might have hand-tooling done within the leather. This gives it that one-of-a-kind look that is very popular among ranchers. Complete this look with hand-carved cattle skulls that are amazing and show off the western heritage by integrating rugs and pillows. 

Use Natural Materials When Decorating Western


When decorating your home in this style, it pretty much goes unsaid that you should have hardwood flooring with bits of flagstone around for accent. Complete this with animal skin or a Native American-style rug, and you are off to a good start with your western look.

When it comes to feminine parts of the home, say a daughter’s bedroom, you want to carry your theme throughout, but you can add a bit of vintage-looking floral prints in there. Doing up the room in shades of pink that accent the natural leather and wood looks amazing. Just be sure that you don’t do it up in too girly and frilly. You don’t want to make it look out of place.

If you think Western-style decor is where you want to take your home, go for it and have fun.  Remember, the more natural materials and native American prints along with hardwood flooring and rugs.

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