Modern Ideas for Furnishing and Designing a Student’s Room

Modern Ideas for Furnishing and Designing a Student's Room

Luxury living is something very difficult for a student to afford. Living spaces occupied by students are often small and cramped, either it’s a university dorm or a privately rented living space. Home isn’t just a place, it’s basically a feeling. You can make any place feel like home if you create a positive, cozy and comfortable environment. This can perfectly be achieved if you decorate your living space in which you can live and study in ease.

Being a student it is tricky to ideally decorate and furnish your room due to limited budget available, a compromise has to be made at least somewhere. A student’s room interior has to be in a way which boosts up productivity. Students encounter tough routines, strenuous academic work and extra projects too; thanks to academic services like Peachy essay whom through their services provide quality academic assistance to students. In days like these a student would definitely require a self-designed relaxing interior of the room for optimum performance. Hereby, keeping in view all the student-life constraints we have brought forward some modern as well as easy to do student’s room furnishing and designing ideas.

1. A combination of lights

Lighting plays a big role in overall look of a room. Bright lights give an open look to the room and helps broaden thought process too, which is very essential for students for optimum academic performance. At other times all students require a relaxing environment with dim lights, some jamming session or a light comedy movie to watch. So what you can do is, get a compact chandelier to be hanged in the centre of the room for equal distribution of light throughout the room. Some fairy lights can be hung around the room along with artificial vines for a natural and soft look to the room. You can easily find affordable lighting just do a small survey to find some nice lighting as a student for your room.

2. Floor bedding and sitting

Struggling with space management in your room? How about moving out all the furniture and going for warm snugly floor bedding. Bed takes up too much space hereby a thick bouncy mattress, with soft crisp vibrant linen and lots of cushions, placed against the wall would give coziest vibe to your room. In this way you can easily save money being a student and save a bunch. Moreover, not just bedding you can also swap large sized sofas or couch with floor sitting for better space management. This will cut down your maintenance and upgradation cost, also give your room distinctive look

3. Wall mounted shelves and hanging sitting space

Rather than getting standing shelves for your stuff and books, it’s better to get wall mounted shelves to give your room a classic and modern look. You can further paint these shelves according to the theme of your room. You can place more than just books on these, such as your favourite action figures or other decorative items. These shelves can also be self-made or get them made from someone in low costs, as it’s difficult to afford pricey book shelves being a student.

4. Add planters and other ornamental plants

To give your room a modern, fresh and breezy look you should definitely add some greenery to your room/dorm. It isn’t necessary to add large planters as they would take up more space, you can also add small ornamental plants such as succulent plants. This would not only brighten up your room and add some fresh colour, perhaps it would also create an airy as well as open environment for a positive living which is essential during student years. Get cacti, Aloevera or a spider plant so that even if you forget to water them they might survive for a while.

5. Smartly manage sitting and storage

Storage is a tricky aspect to be managed in a small living space such as a dorm. There’s so much a student needs that he or she brings along when moving to private living for higher studies. To manage and store this stuff there’s a brilliant two in one idea, you can get boxes with cushion seating moreover you can also get a chest of drawer with low height and place cushions over it for a sleek stylish sitting as well as good amount of storage.

A study station is another very important piece of furniture for a student’s room but a dressing table is equally important and oh some drawers for extra storage, now all of this furniture simultaneously placed in a room would make it look cramped up. The first mission is to clear the clutter and yet place all the essentials in the room. What you can do is design an all in one study station, with a mirror mounted over the station for fulfilling the purpose of a dressing table too. The drawers of this station can be used to place makeup, toiletries and other belongings.

6. Decorate your wall with tape art

Affording wallpaper, panel sheets and other wall coverage can be difficult during the student life. Additionally often the landlords also don’t allow hammering nails into the wall, hereby tapestry is something which would fall right into your budget. Washi tape is a Japanese origin decorative tape which does not damage the paint or the wall and comes in so many prints as well as colors. You can create any pattern on the wall or even go for abstract patterns, this would lift up the whole look of your room in no time and in an extremely affordable manner. 

The finale

A student’s room definitely needs to be designed in a way to ensure maximum concentration and productivity, moreover with limited budget it may difficult to further decorate the room but there’s always an edge to manage everything. There’s a lot of do-it-yourself ideas you can implement to lift the overall look of your room that too in affordable prices. Let’s hope this article gives you some bright ideas to re-do your room as a student and make it your safe haven!

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