How 2017 has actually turned out to be the year of live video streaming

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Technology, they say is a series of steps similar to evolution. No one in 2001 could have predicted that one day they could be watching a high definition telecast of live news on a small gadget, while riding the subway. Ever since the ushering in of the first all capable Smartphone- which coincidentally came of age at the same time as broadband internet  speed started breaking records on a yearly basis. Finally we are at a point where one can stream a high output video without load times or hang-ups. Live video streaming has become the most popular utility in the post social media dominated internet world.

Social media stats

social media

Bandwidth capabilities in most nations have improved drastically in the past two to three years. So, there is no surprise that the vast majority of internet consumers spend a lot of time viewing media, and most of this is done on social networks like Facebook, Snapchat and the likes. From sharing to tagging, the traffic allocated to video makes up to 70% of the entire internet usage. 2017 has really been the year when the phenomenon of live video streaming has completely overshadowed other media. Some stats are jaw-dropping, for example Snapchat reports that a staggering 10 billion videos are watched on the app in the span of 24 hours and Facebook likewise reports a number of 8 billion video views daily.

Hollywood fails

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You know a tech has become popular when even the established pop culture organization follows you. Hollywood has been the entertainment source for more than ten decades now but for the first time ever, the industry is letting go of its rigid traditions and jumping into online content and distribution. Most production houses are already signing up with internet providers and releasing their content directly online instead of television and satellite. What’s more- even tech companies are getting into film making with Amazon and online live video streaming sites like Hulu and iTunes. Now more people are streaming movies directly than ever before and this facility will only improve with time. Gone are the days of the CD player and movie theaters.

The allure of VR

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the in tech of 2017 with pages upon pages being devoted to it in tech magazines and blogs and not without a reason: VR streaming will be the next step in video watching. Today Virtual reality headsets are readily available, some even with smart phones. To be able to watch 360 degree videos in real time will be stunning experience. Virtual reality has already transformed the gaming industry and it seems very likely that the video streaming industry will also look deeply into what the future holds for them and VR.

The evolution of Television

HDR tv

Another factor to keep in mind is that today’s television sets are high definition high tech products of the future capable of playing the highest video output content.  Live streaming on a 4K screen is something else and as the number of houses with 4k screens increase, so will the demand for high definition content which can be live streamed. In fact, it seems likely that the preferred channel choice soon will be the internet. HDR is another technology- in layman’s terms it is a richer display of color and tone, and it will implode in 2017. Watching live sports for example will utilize all the capabilities of these TVs and of the live streaming server, but it will be totally worth it.

Some negatives

mobile internet

Not all news is good though. Like anything there are two sides to each coin and there is a negative effect to this constant need to be connected and watch. Many cases are emerging of children and adults alike getting addicted to their gadgets. The attention span for many people has taken a hit and the internet in general and the habit of constantly being connected to apps and media in particular is being blamed. In extreme cases, there have been cases in many countries of young people live streaming illegal and prohibited content.

Whatever your thoughts maybe, it is impossible to ignore the rise and power of live video streaming, and it will define our culture in the years to come.

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