How Much Does It Cost To Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced?

Air Conditioner repair and maintainance

Your air conditioner or AC provides cooling comfort, especially during hot summer days. And when it malfunctions, it could mean a disaster. For this reason, an annual check is crucial. If you notice your AC is not working properly and DIY troubleshooting is ineffective, hiring a professional repair service is necessary.

But how much does professional air conditioner servicing cost? Find out the answer below.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Air Conditioner Repair

Air Conditioner Repair

The cost of air conditioner servicing depends on several factors. Most established companies offer reasonable prices, but it also depends on the kind of repair that your unit would need. If ever you need an air conditioner repair service in your area, you can find it by searching Winchester VA air conditioning service online if you are from Virginia, for example.

However, if you find that a company offers very cheap estimates, you need to double-check as they may not offer good quality services either. Below are some of the most important factors affecting the cost of air conditioner repair services:

  • Severity of The AC Problem: Air conditioners can experience various kinds of issues such as inadequate cooling,freezing or frosting, noises, and inefficiency, as evidenced by high electricity bills. Fixing the air filter and cleaning the condenser oil is going to be cheaper than repairing thermostat issues, low refrigerant, leaking ducts, fan problems, and frozen evaporator coils.
  • Age of Unit: The life expectancy of air conditioners is 15 to 30 years. Like all things, your AC deteriorates over time, and it becomes more troublesome as it gets older, which means more fixes and a higher service cost.
  • Size: The type and size of AC also affect the cost of services. The smaller your AC unit, the more affordable the cost of maintenance and repair services will be.
  • Season: Because air conditioners are used more often during summer, expect higher demand for HVAC services, which also means higher service cost. 

Emergency AC Repair Costs More Than Preventive Maintenance

In general, emergency AC repair services cost more than preventive maintenance. Before any major problem arises, make sure that your HVAC system undergoes preventive maintenance at least once a year. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending more on emergency repairs or sudden breakdowns that need parts replacements.

Also, it’s important to know when to contact an emergency air conditioning repair by watching out for the following warning signs:

  • It’s Not Cool Enough: Check the thermostat to ensure that the temperature settings are correct. Call an HVAC professional if your AC is not keeping your house cool as it used to be. This problem may stem from low refrigerant levels or an issue with one of the components.
  • Leaks:A leaking AC is an indication of a serious problem that can lead to mold growth and water damage. It’s likely that the drain line or pan is clogged, needing prompt repair.
  • Strange Noises: Odd noises coming from your air conditioners, such as hissing, gurgling, and squealing, indicates a component issue. The fan motor belt might have gone wrong or there might be a refrigerant leak. A professional technician should be called to repair or replace parts. 

Average Air Conditioner Service Costs

minor tune-ups of AC

According to Home Advisor, the cost of regular AC maintenance servicing ranges from US$75 to US$200 for minor tune-ups. A service call includes running a series of assessments to ensure your air conditioning system works properly. Standard AC tune-ups don’t include duct or evaporator cleaning.

Here’s a quick summary of other AC service costs:

  • New AC installation costs around US$3,500 to US$7,500.
  • For AC duct cleaning, it costs US$250 to US$500.
  • AC repairs outside a standard service cost US$50 to US$150 per hour.
  • For a compressor replacement, it typically costs US$1,350 to US$2,300.
  • For extended service contracts, the price ranges from US$150 to US$500, which may include both your heating and cooling units.

You don’t need to hire a professional to change your unit’s air filter, which may need a replacement every 30 days or so. However, you should call a technician to test the refrigerant, clean lines, check the ductwork, and test electronic systems. 


The costs of air conditioning repairs depend on several factors such as the age of your unit, size, efficiency rating, and the severity of the problem. However, emergency repair services generally cost more than preventive maintenance services because significant issues aren’t present yet. Minor services, such as cleaning dirty ducts and condenser coils or minor tune-ups, are cheaper than leak repairs and parts replacements. These minor checks can also be done through the DIY method if you really want to save money.

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