How to create a web design with a good user interface?


When it comes to designing any kind of website, having an understanding of how to create a good user interface is important. One must have an understanding of what colors are complementary to one another, they must understand fonts, proportions, and how to make the overall presentation of each page look appealing.

1. Be artistic

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Sometimes we tend to get a bit carried away, and the websites we create look too busy. That’s a problem. An artistic eye must be used, and thought must be put into both what presents well and what the overall goals are for the said website. With a blog, having subscribers is extremely important. The designer would want to present the subscription button in a visible place where it catches the eye but doesn’t overwhelm the page. It’s important site to be captivating, but also comfortable to browse. Busy websites hurt the eyes.

2. Focus on accessibility

Everything on a website should be accessible and easy to find. That means consistency and following familiar user interface formats. Sometimes a “help” button so that visitors can find answers to questions they may have is necessary. Said “help” button should be clearly labeled either with a question mark, or better yet, with the word “help” itself. Pages should also be labeled clearly. (Home, About, Shop/Store, Blog, Etc.) On top of that, when moving the curser over the different page labels, perhaps try making use of highlights or another visible signal so that users of the site know which page they are about to select or which page they are currently on. One could do the same with a button by having an indication that a user has actually clicked it.

3. Good User Interface

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Web design companies will refine small details to make sure that their web designs have a good user interface. For example, Blue Whale Media which does website design in Manchester mentioned that they always keep an eye on small details when making the designs to maximize the user experience for people browsing them.

A site visitor should always have clarity as to what is going on. This is particularly important when selling products online. A buyer should know the difference between the store page, the cart, and the moment when their purchase is confirmed. It’s not good when someone accidentally buys something twice and doesn’t realize a mistake had been made.

4. Portability

It is also important to consider how the user interface for a specific website will work on different kinds of devices. It is extremely frustrating to visit a website on a smartphone or tablet, when the website is catered to only be used on a desktop. The font would be tiny and difficult to read, the buttons and pages difficult to select, the ease of finding important information might be lacking and the designers’ overall goal for the website might be lost. The presentation of a website and easy use of it is important no matter what kind of device a visitor is using.

In order to create a web design with a good user interface, one must make use of one’s creativity to make it captivating and original. He or she must balance that creativity with a certain amount of simplicity and familiarity. They must learn what looks good to the human eye as well as how to guide it where they intend it to go.

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