How to dress according to your personality type


You probably have a closet full of clothes of all colors. If you go through it carefully, you may find a color which is predominant, or one dress which is your favorite. Think carefully and you’ll find that your favorite color and your favorite dress is your favorite because you feel confident in it. This is because your favorite color matches your personality. Every person has a different personality type and if you want to enhance the positive traits of your personality, you could dress according to that.

26 – Style tips to dress to match your personality type

There are different ways to determine personality, including favorite color, personality traits and then there’s the Myers Briggs report which details 16 types of personalities. First, we’ll start off by detailing the style that suits according to color.

Style according to color



Black lovers are people who are ambitious, purposeful, sensitive and easily excitable, though they try to hide the fact. For them, the qualities of a person are most important and their love of black indicates power, seriousness as well as intelligence. If your personality resembles the traits we described, then you should wear a lot of black – black skirts, dresses, shirts. No frills.


Sanguine temperaments adore the color yellow. It indicates a cheery person as well as spreading the cheer. Dreamers, adventurers, explorers love this color.



If you are kind, shy, courteous, efficient, tranquil, reliable and confident, then blue is the color of choice for you. Maybe you have already been wearing a lot of blue and you love blue, then now you know why – because your personality type matches the color. According to psychologists, if you wear blue, it will project calmness, poise and that you are an exemplary worker.


The symbol of purity, simplicity and innocence, white is also a neutral color which can be worn by many personality types. Wearing white may help you look at life optimistically and strive to do your best.



Soft pink shades denote a feminine personality, which is warm and approachable. It is non-aggressive and people who love pink love comfort and luxury.


Brown projects reliability, strength and stability. If you like brown, you’re probably a person who can be counted on by others. If you are a little bit conservative, then the next time you are choosing clothes, choose something in the color brown.



Purple used to be the color for royalty, as only they could afford this color at that time. If you’re creative and imaginative type, love mysticism and think that you are somewhat unpredictable, wearing this color will bring out those traits.


People who like green are active, prefer public life, are financially stable, caring and soft-hearted. So wear green to send a message of contentment and stability.



Passionate people invariably love red, and you as a red lover might already know that. According to research, if you want the attention of the opposite sex, wear a dress of the ruby tint! However, loving red also means you may be addiction-prone so avoid all the stimulants to stay safe.

What is the Myers-Briggs (MB) Type Indicator

Myers-Briggs (MB) Type Indicator

The Myers-Briggs is a tool to understand and discover personality type. It was developed by Katharine Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers, and the personality inventory has four categories – Introversion vs. extraversion, intuition vs. sensing, feeling vs. thinking, and perspective vs. judging. You can take this interesting test which would reveal your personality type, and then decide your style based on that.


logical, introvert fashion

The Myers Briggs personality type ISTJ is logical, introvert and like functionality rather than glamour. Choose classic styles which are structured if you are an ISTJ.


Empathetic, loyal and conscientious, ISFJ type personalities are sensitive to others needs and feelings. They like to blend in, so their style is usually modest and unassuming, allowing them to fit in, rather than stand out.


People who are the INFJ type, are adaptable, flexible, idealistic, intuitive and curious. They like unconventional outfits but not something which is totally out of the way. They choose their clothes carefully, which reflects their personality.


sweatshirt is the favorite item

Being self-sufficient and independent, they choose fuss-free clothes which are comfortable and functional. So a sweatshirt is the favorite item of this type rather than a stylish, little dress.


ISTPs are spontaneous, great problem solvers and open to new things. They don’t mind changing their style if they find something which resonates with them. Does it sound like you?


ISFP girls are friendly, quiet, non-disruptive and sensitive. They love soft tones in colors and easy-going designs are perfect for them.



They’re introverts with a hidden bohemian streak. These dreamers love to try out new trends but put their own stamp on it. Arty clothes which are beautiful and stunning would be the favorite choice for them.


This is the girl who loves her shades. Her style reflects her quest for understanding the mysteries of life, and the ability to attain clarity through thought.


ESTPs are go-getters who are pragmatic and appreciate the best things the world has to offer. They’re always dressed for the occasion, whether it’s for the office, parties or the gym.

10. ESFP


The ESFP girls love to party, love people and seek new thrills. Jumpsuits may be their favorite clothing and they have great fashion sense.

11. ENFP

Excitable, open-hearted, passionate and romantic, these women can flaunt a quirky dress with élan.

12. ENTP

ENTP girls design striking, ingenious outfits and they rarely wear the same thing twice. They can style the same outfit in many different ways.

13. ESTJ

professional style

Decisive and realistic, they are focused and organized and they should wear clothes which are professional and structured.

14. ESFJ

These outspoken caregivers love to dress like their friends/group or take their fashion cues from their style icons.

15. ENFJ

Bright and happy, they are sociable and cheerful, and their style is always comfy.

16. ENTJ

minimalist style is perfect

Born leaders, firm and straightforward, the minimalist style is perfect for girls of the ENTJ type.

It’s great to know your personality type and dress accordingly, which would help you carry the outfit confidently. You can also decide to wear every color, especially when you feel drawn to it.                                                                                

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