How to create and use memoji in iOS12

memoji in iOS12

Technological advancements are an integral part of the contemporary world and in this quest for technical advancements it is tough to pose a competition for Apple. Apple’s latest update has yet again amazed and left the users in awe. In this article we will tell you all about how to create and use memoji in iOS12. It makes chats much for fun and interesting and people are hooked on to the aura and invincibility of Apple.

What is a memoji


Apple had previously introduced emoji characters which were animated. These were termed animojis and the basic purpose of this was the mimic of facial expressions. This has now grown and developed to become what is known as memoji. Among the features in iPhone XS it is a matter of great pride taken by Apple owners that iOS12 can use both Memoji and Animoji in the photos from live camera applications.

How to make memoji?

The source of Animoji is the Messages app. So it is imperative that it can be accessed from first opening the Messages app. As the next step one needs to choose a particular conversation. Then the individual needs to tap on the animoji Messages app deriving from the Messages app bar. The visual resemblance of this is like a little monkey.

Next you need to scroll up to the extreme right. You will find that there is a +button. What you need now is to tap on it.

How to customize memoji?

memoji in iOS12

A discussion on how to make memoji is left incomplete if we do not discuss the various aspects of customizing the given memoji. The starting point of the memoji is like that of a blank face and it is really up to the individual to put in the effort to appear it look like him. You will have several skin tones from which you can pick and choose. You must pay particular attention to all the tapping buttons that will enable you to customize the features and choose the necessary options.

In the usage of memoji, Apple has ensured that every little aspect of human detailing is paid attention to. So you would find all kinds of detailed changes in the facial detailing as you can imagine. If you are looking to create and use memoji in iOS12, then you must really be excited. A whole new world awaits you.

During the process of providing details to eyebrows, nose or facial hair or any other feature the memoji is active. You will have a good chance thus to make all necessary changes in this stage. It would also be a good time to decide if you are happy with the changes and features that you have introduced. .

Once you are done with the entire process, all you need to do is tap on the done notification which is located on the right hand corner.

Benefits: If you create and use memoji in iOS12, apart from the general advantage of your chats being more fun and interesting, you have many others to look forward to. You have the option of saving up as many memojis as you want and soon you can have at your disposal a set of memojis which resemble your family and your friends.

How to delete or edit the memojis created?

Now that you know how to create and use memoji in iOS12, you must also be aware of the process of editing or deleting them. At any given point of time you have the choice of editing a emoji or deleting one. Apple’s latest update could not have been more exciting. Now with changing facial dimensions you can also make some necessary changes. Even some cases you can delete one if you want by just following these simple instructions.

  1. Open the messages app in the first move.
  2. Choose from the conversations where the memoji belongs and where you would like to make the change.
  3. The little monkey icon can be tapped on following this.
  4. Once the memoji is in the frame you will notice that there are three small dots which are located on the left hand corner.
  5. Now choose on the edit option to make the changes and edits that you want to make. In case you want to delete it, you have to click on the delete button which also you will find here. 

The new animoji features


The new features that have been brought about among the several other features in iPhone XS, include the option of sticking your tongue out and having it picked up. It can also include winks if that is to your liking. This apart you have features like a glitter tongue for the unicorn and a green alien tongue.

How to record a memoji or Animoji Video?

The same methodology that was used in iOS 11 was inculcated in the feature of recording messages or a song and facial expressions. For this you can click on the red recording button which will start the recording of a message. Once this process is completed, use the given blue arrow to send it.

As a sticker

memoji in iOS12

Now that you know all about how to create and use memoji in iOS12, let us also inform you about another specialty of memojis. These can also be used in the form of stickers in case you are not up for sending a video but just a simple photo reaction.

Now the features can also be used in doing a face time call.

Final words

Apple has surprised us often with their advanced thinking ahead of its time. However what needs to be seen is how effective the new updates are when it comes to acceptance. Now that you know all about how to make memoji use this new found knowledge to explore the world of memoji. Features in iPhone XS have gathered a lot of curiosity and this definitely takes care of one of the aspects which involves the usage and application of memoji.

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