How To Design Your Own Pants For Fall

How To Design Your Own Pants For Fall

Fall is almost here, and for most people, it’s that time of year for playing in heaps of fallen leaves and enjoying pumpkin spice drinks. For fashionistas, it’s the perfect time to don fashionable autumn looks in vibrant colors. Most of us will likely invest in new scarves and sweaters in preparation for the cooler months ahead. But if you want to take your look to the next level, consider designing a brand-new pair of pants for autumn.

A customized pair of pants will not only fit you like a dream, but if you’re in the habit of planning your wardrobe for the season, you can design your pants in such a way that they work with pretty much everything in your closet. What’s more, it’s a great way to express your sense of style and creativity. Here’s how to design your own pants for the best fall fashion.

Think About the Fit and Style

When designing a new pair of pants, you’ll want to think about the fit and pick a style that will accentuate your figure. You’ll also want to consider how you’ll style your pants so it fits with your overall aesthetic. For instance, slim-cut or skinny pants will look good on hourglass, apple, or athletic body types, and they look great when tucked into boots. Meanwhile, boot-cut pants– ones that fit snugly around the hips and thighs, then gently start to flare below the knee– are a classic. These will flatter most figures and will look awesome when paired with shoes that add a little height, like heeled boots or platform shoes.

Trouser-style pants will look just right for the office or a day out with friends, while loose, baggy pants can be worn casually or styled in an edgy way. Palazzo pants or wide-leg pants are ideal for those who want to dress in avant-garde looks, while those who prefer a utilitarian vibe may consider cargo or parachute pants.

You can also combine styles and fits to suit your aesthetic. For instance, you can have trouser-style pants with a boot cut, or cargo-style slim-cut pants. To add some variety to your fall wardrobe, you may even consider creating a pair of shorts. LA-based brand Sanctuary said that women’s shorts can be worn throughout the colder months, as long as you style them for the weather and season. When it comes to designing outfits for your fall wardrobe, it’s all about creating pieces that vibe with your style.

The Right Fabrics for Fall

Choosing fabrics to make pants for fall can be a bit tricky. Some days, the weather can be mild enough for wearing just a cotton shirt and pants. On other days, there could be a slight nip in the air and you’ll need an extra layer to stay warm. To pick the right fabric, you’ll need something that’s not too thick, like fleece, nor something that’s too thin, like linen. Something like a stretch or raw denim would work well. Denim can keep you warm, but it won’t be as stifling as wool or fleece.

Other textiles that are ideal for making pants for autumn are corduroy, chino cloth, tweed, and gabardine. Corduroy has raised cords or “ribs,” and it was the fabric of choice for pants back in the 70s. Choose this fabric if you want to add a vintage feel to your fall wardrobe. Meanwhile, chino cloth is a thicker and more durable type of cotton fabric that is easy to care for. Tweed is a good choice if you’re into the soft academia or dark academia style. As for gabardine, this durable twill cloth is perfect if the fall season brings a lot of rain to your area. Since gabardine is water resistant, you can stay dry, comfortable, and stylish during the autumn months.

Choose the Right Color

Fall is the perfect time to dress in a mixture of colors, so why not create a pair of pants in an autumnal hue? Warm colors like mustard, burnt orange, chocolate brown, or pepper red are classic fall colors, while navy blue and gray are easy to wear and pair well with other colors. Muted tones like olive green, mauve, old rose, and apricot also work well for a fall outfit, so consider these colors when designing your pants.

If you’d rather design a pair of white or black pants though, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. But to amp up your style, consider pairing your pants with fall colors to bring new energy into your life. Something like a powder pink coat or a fiery red sweater can add a colorful punch to your outfit.

Bringing Your Design to Life

If you’re a skilled sewer, bringing your design to life shouldn’t be a problem. Remember to purchase the right color of thread, as well as hardware such as zippers and rivets to make your pants. But if you’d rather take your design to a tailor or a seamstress, make sure to seek recommendations and find one who has a sense of style. Allow them to take your measurements, then be available for fittings. Most tailors and seamstresses will ask you to try on the pants to make sure that they fit properly, and then they’ll make the necessary adjustments before presenting the final product to you.

Fall is the best time to amp up your fashion game. Consider designing your own pants for autumn, and enjoy wearing clothing that fits you and your style perfectly.

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