How to make your room cozy and comfortable


You can create your own hiding place from the world by making some simple changes to your room. The color of your walls, the lighting, the window accessories and other details can create a great impact on how you feel in a room.

The bedroom is the most private area of your house, it is made just for you; so, it must be decorated so that you feel especially comfortable. Your room not only reflects an important part of you, but it can also influence how you feel from the moment you wake up. If it is a warm and welcoming place, you will rarely be uncomfortable. Moreover, it will be impossible for you to start the day in bad mood.

Here are 5 ideas to make your room cozy and comfortable:

  1. Accessories:

Decorate your room with accessories that you like. You can use posters (preferably framed), family photographs or some travel memories that you have made. Check in the internet what are the best automatic watches and hang one on your wall. Keep in mind the height of the space and be strategic when placing the decoration. At your bedside table, organize the resources you use the most to reduce your search time: cell phone, iPod or Stereo, books, work notes or your uk coursework, among others. You can also add funny gadgets like apianodorbellor a virtual assistant like Amazon Alexa.

  1. Change the color of the walls:


The color of the walls of your bedroom can have a big impact on how you feel. Warm colors such as orange, red, yellow and sand tones can make even large bedrooms feel cozy and intimate. Focus on the colors that attract you the most and select a range of shades of that color. The color of the paint can vary depending on the light, so take into consideration how it looks in natural light and artificial light at various times of the day. In general, natural light tends to show the true color of the painting.

  1. Warm lighting:

To make your bedroom cozier use soft and diffused lighting; you just have to change the spotlights on the ceiling and the lamps you have in the room. Having a variety of light sources creates a warm welcome feeling in your bedroom. If you only have one light source in your bedroom, consider adding a new one. You can experiment by placing them in different places until you have that feeling of “perfection”. You can also decorate your bedroom with small candles and decorative lamps. Look for cool lighter designs and choose your favorite.

  1. Furniture:


Another option to make the bedroom cozy and comfortable is to incorporate futuristic furniture to your room. The bed is the main part of a bedroom. You must choose the structure according to the size of the room. Very large beds in very small spaces do not work, because the bedroom will be even more closed and claustrophobic, which will eventually have negative effects on the quality of your rest. If you have the chance, buy a futuristic bed and invest in a good mattress. Mattresses are usually expensive, but they can accompany us throughout life and it is preferable to opt for a comfortable mattress of good quality than having to visit the doctor with muscle pains or face a day’s work after a night of insomnia. Buy some sheets, quilts or pillows that match the color of the walls. If you do not have a lot of budget, you can choose what you have on hand, preferably with colors of a single hue.

  1. Carpets and Curtains:

Sometimes just adding some cheap accessories can make your room more comfortable and cozy. Getting out of bed and stepping on a cold surface is not pleasant. Place a carpet on the side of your bed, especially if you have a wooden floor. Lint or longhaired carpets look inviting; their softness will feel amazing on your feet. With a carpet the space is softened, it becomes less cold and more convenient; it will give warmth in the coldest days and has an important role in acoustic terms.

Changing the type of coverage you have in your windows can increase the feeling of your room. Many new types of window accessories are designed to conserve energy and keep out cold or heat without sacrificing style.

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