How to Mount Your Army Medals With Pride and Style

Mount Your Army Medals With Pride and Style

If you have served in the military and worked hard to earn an Army medal, once you return home you are going to want to showcase those medals with pride. But you may not know exactly how you want to do that. Luckily, there are many different methods to mount those Army medals anywhere in your home that you want, regardless of how many you have and how you want to show them off. First, a few considerations before you start shopping.

Where Do You Want to Mount Them?

If you have multiple medals that you have earned while serving in the Army, you may have a few different options regarding where in your house you want to mount them.

Would you like to have them mounted in your study or home office to remind you of your accomplishment? Or would you like them in your bedroom so you can see them first thing when you wake up, before you go about your day? Would you prefer to have them mounted on one of the walls in your living room where they can easily be viewed by any guests you have over?


Where you mount them comes with a follow-up consideration: space. If your wall space is limited, you will need a mounting setup that accommodates that. For a smaller space, consider purchasing a mini medals mount. These can also be good for if you would like to put a few medals in different places in your house, or arrange them in a pattern on your wall.

How Many Medals Will You be Hanging?

Army Medals

Another important thing to take into account when picking out the perfect mount for you and your space is how many medals you will be mounting on your walls.

There are specific medal mounts for any number of medals you have, and even for different branches of the military that you served in. If you served in the Navy, for instance, you would need to purchase Navy-specific medal mounts to accommodate the size and weight of those.

If you have 5 medals, there is a mount for that, and mounts for every single number of medals up from there. If you are mounting one or two at a time, there’s a mount for that, too. It all depends on how you want to showcase your hard-earned awards.

What is Your Style?

When you go about picking out a medal mount, you should also take into consideration your personal style. Pick one that will also maybe go with the aesthetic of the room in which you are mounting these medals.

Are you looking for a classic silver mount, where you can hang your military ribbons and medals all in a perfect row? Or would you prefer something staggered for more variation? Are you looking for a matte black finish on your mount to create a stark contrast between the metal and the medals? Whatever finish you fancy, from gold to brass to steel, you can find the specific one you are looking for to mount those medals.

Which Kind of Mount Do You Want?

We touched on this earlier, but aside from finishes, colors, and numbers of medals the mount can fit, there are also different kinds of mounts themselves. Some popular styles include ⅛ in. spaced mounts, staggered mounts that are oriented to the right or left, and even simple 1-ribbon mounts that can showcase specific ribbons.

Whichever mount is right for you, your style, and your space, you should make sure to look into exactly what kind of mount you want to purchase. That way you can make sure your mounting job is just right.

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