How to Pack for Summer Holidays (In 6 Simple Steps)

Pack for Summer Holidays

The countdown to the holidays has started … and with it a whole series of psycho-somatic manifestations ranging from bewilderment to performance anxiety. Password: do not panic! We explain how to prepare the best carry on luggage for the summer.

Let’s start from the basics: organization. Being rational is an innate gift, but it can become an acquired skill even for the most distracted. Therefore make a virtue of necessity and follow some simple rules.

First, make a written list of all the clothes and accessories you want to take with you. If the words fly, the writings remain. And it will come in handy when you have to tell yourself that you are leaving for a short time, you are not moving to another country.

1. Frequently Used and Delicate Objects

careful selection

After a careful selection, arrange everything on the bed, list in hand, to proceed with the classic check. It is essential to ask the fateful question: bag or trolley? The first adapts better to different spaces by changing shape, allows you to keep the things you use most frequently at hand and is more easily carried into the cabin. The second, with its rigid structure, protects more delicate objects, is easier to transport thanks to the wheels and can become a support in times of fatigue. Often the best choice is a combination of the two alternatives.

2. Knick-Knacks

Do not underestimate the importance of hand luggage. Backpacks and handbags can contain documents, cell phones, but also medicines and a quick change. In short, the fundamentals to survive in the unfortunate event your hold baggage is lost. Furthermore, it is the safe solution for transporting liquids even on airplanes, to be kept in transparent bags ready to face any controller.

3. Skirts and Trousers


A great pearl of wisdom inherited from popular culture. Arrange skirts and trousers on the bottom of the suitcase without folding them, letting the longer parts extend beyond the edges. In this way, you can create dividers with the fabrics for the different accessories that you will place on these garments. In fact, sweaters and sweaters should not be folded but rolled up, separated from the still available trouser legs.

4. Heavy Objects

Heavy objects? They must be arranged on the opposite side to that of the handle, so as not to crease the clothes in the luggage. The list includes shoes, of course, but also beach towels.

5. Garments that Don’t Crease

couple packing Garments

To optimize space, the best strategy is the “stopgap” strategy. Garments that do not crease, such as swimsuits or underwear, are ideal to be piled in empty corners. The same goes for beauty cases and related make-up (Even if a small cosmetic bag is indispensable in hand luggage. Especially on vacation, when every meeting can turn out to be the right one).

6. Final Touch

Another clever move can be to make a thematic subdivision of the accessories, using zippered cases or drawstring closures of different colors, one for each type of object. In this way, to quickly draw from the suitcase, just choose the shade that best suits your needs.

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