Pylon Signs: Everything you need to know about them

Pylon Signs

The world is a competitive place and this is the casein different spheres of living, be it in area of academics, career or even social life. However, nowhere is this competition more pronounced than in the business world where everyone is striving to get patronage for their various businesses.

The competition here can be very frantic because, failure to get reasonable patronage may result in the business folding up, leaving the owner with debts to pay.

Now, the solution to this? Adverts!

This is a time proven way of getting your business not just to be seen but also to be heard.

While many businesses may not be able to afford more expensive forms of advertisement for their establishments, there is one option that they can take advantage of.

What are Pylon Signs?

Pylon Signs supported by an architectural structure

This is basically a sign, separate from a building, supported by an architectural structure, erected and designed to indicate the presence of an organization. It is also known as a pole sign, you can read more about it here.

In most cases, the organization being advertised tend to be business organizations e.g. shopping malls, stores etc.

What are they Made of?

They are mostly made of aluminum; this is to make sure that the metal doesn’t rust. Sometimes, steel might be used but this is subject to the design of the structure you may want to erect or subject to the advice of an expert, most probably an engineer.

Another thing that you’ll find in the structure are the retainers. These are dependent on the size of the sign that you want on its face. Here, you would have to determine whether to use an acrylic or digital face.

The point here is that what is on the face, style and size are all up to you to decide. Just ensure that you are properly guided when making your decisions.

Where Can They be Put Up?


A lot of factors are considered when it comes to mounting your pylon sign. These considerations include, location of your business, the most befitting and strategic location the poll sign should be in and issues of government permits regarding the siting of such structures.

Professionals that do this as their daily work are usually more suited to doing the necessary checks for you since they will be more aware of the rules that apply in a particular city or state. An example of such guidelines for a city can be found here.

Benefits of Using Pylon Signs

There are lots of benefits to be gained from erecting poll signs. Some of them are

  1. Advertises Your Brand: This is primarily the reason why it is such a big deal. It is able to at a glance, show people what your business is all about. It is now left for you to ensure, while setting it up, that it efficiently depicts what you or your business is about.
  2. Ease of Maintenance: They are generally very easy to maintain because their maintenance come at little or no cost. Again, they are built in such a way that you can simply insert new logos, design or the lighting when needed.For example, ifany of the light bulbs go off,it’s just a simple case of removing the old and inserting the new.
  3. It’s Cheap: Of all the forms of advertisement available, poll signs are undoubtedly the cheapest even when compared to billboards. This is because, outside of the initial cost of setting it up, which is not much, there really are no other expenses to run. Even the maintenance is cheap.
  4. Makes You Visible: The primary job that the pylon sign does is to make you visible. This way, people get to know of your presence in a particular place. This is even more necessary if your business is located at a place where a lot of other businesses are located.
  5. Serves as a Landmark: Asides the advertising aspect, everyone knows that there are some streets or avenues or lanes where these polls are used for directions or stand as critical landmarks for those on a journey. One might ask, how this benefits the owner of a business? it should be understood that all publicity is good publicity.
  6. It Is Attractive: By the very nature of the purpose it is to serve, it is expected to be attractive. Beyond this though, the idea is to give your business an attractive look, making it appeal to passersby.


It is important that businesses and organizations have a means of showing what they are about and for people to know them. Surveys show that more visibility largely results in more patronage.

Thankfully, pylon signs offer you an affordable way of achieving this visibility.

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