How to Pick the Perfect Hairstylist for You

How to Pick the Perfect Hairstylist for You

Whether you just broke up with your hairstylist or moved to a new city and are on the search for a new stylist, it’s important that you keep some things in mind during this pursuit of yours. After all, a hairstylist can either make you feel beautiful, or have you leave the salon crying – which nobody wants!

Take a quick break from looking into REI BlackBook, and let’s get into the details of how to pick the perfect hairstylist for you. 

1. Check Their Socials

Social media is frequently used by hairstylists to promote their work. That’s why turning to social media when you’re trying to find the perfect hair stylist for you should be one of the first things that you do.

Hair stylists often will post daily to give their audience an idea of how they transform their clients. Another benefit of checking social media for a hairstylist is that you can send them a message to see what services they offer before booking your appointment. This can help you to weed out the perfect fit for what you’re looking to do with your hair.

2. Do Your Research

While social media is certainly a great tool to do your research on finding a hair stylist, there are also other resources you should consider. Google ratings are great if you’re wanting to see how hair stylists match up against one another. You can spend some time reading through the reviews to get a first-hand look at the experience others have had with a particular hairstylist.

Researching hairstylists can also be done by checking out their websites. Most professional and experienced hairstylists will have their own page where you can find information about their services, pricing, and contact information.

3. Ask Friends

One of the best ways to find the perfect hairstylist for you is to ask around. You can check in with your friends to see whom they turn to for all their coloring and styling needs. When asking friends or acquaintances about their recommendations for a hairstylist, just be sure that they have somewhat of the same hair goals in mind.

You can also post on social media and ask for recommendations for a hairstylist. The more details you give when asking for advice on finding a hairstylist, the most likely it is you’ll find the one for you. Include exactly what it is you want out of a hairstylist if you choose to ask for recommendations on social media.

4. Determine Their Specialty

Every hairstylist is designed differently, and more often than not, they have their own specialty. If you’re looking to get your hair that perfect platinum blonde, you probably don’t want to pick a hairstylist who specializes in brunettes. The same could be said if you have curly hair and you go with a hairstylist who isn’t as experienced with your hair type.

When you decide on a hairstylist who specializes in your hair goals, you’re much more likely to be pleased with the results.

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