How to Take Your Grey Kitchen from Dull to Dashing

How to Take Your Grey Kitchen from Dull to Dashing

Grey has been around for a couple of years now, homeowners’ favourite kitchen colour. The well-known interior design magazine House Beautiful has named light grey the top kitchen hue, making it even more popular than before.

Suppose you’re looking for a kitchen makeover, and want to design a timeless, neutral, and versatile space; grey is the ideal choice.

However, you might have doubts because many grey kitchens look dull, and you wish for a room that promotes creativity to look livelier. Worry no more because there are several ways to achieve a dashing grey kitchen look.

What should you keep in mind before turning your kitchen grey?

You most likely asked yourself a hundred of times if grey is the best colour for your kitchen, and while only you can find the right answer to this question, we can tell you that grey is an excellent choice for this room, as long as you know how to work with it.

Grey is neutral and versatile, and you can pair it with all kinds of elements to make it feel more personal. You can also choose from many grey tones, which allows you to play with the room’s colour scheme. Grey brings endless opportunities, so just grasp them.

Now that you decided grey is your go-to colour make sure to decide if you prefer a darker or lighter tone. As mentioned earlier, most homeowners prefer light grey kitchen cabinets, especially after House Beautiful named it the top kitchen colour. A lighter grey would be the best choice for a smaller room because it will open the space and make it look bigger.

Now that you know some basic info about grey kitchens, let’s jump to the ideas that will help you transform it into a marvellous space.

1. Combine two hues of grey

Combining two shades of grey is the easiest way to design a kitchen with personality and achieve a welcoming and warm look. Choose a darker and lighter shade, and don’t step back from playing with textures and patterns if you want to make a statement. Mixing greys is the best way to create an aesthetically pleasing space because it’s impossible to go wrong. They work well together, and you can mix and match them in whatever you find suitable.

You can choose a grey hue for the cabinets and another for the kitchen island. Keep in mind how light or dark your kitchen is when selecting the hues because a combination of darker greys would look great only if the kitchen receives plenty of natural light. If, on the other hand, you bring two dark hues in a small and dark space, it’ll make the kitchen feel uninviting. Grey cabinets with a gloss finish are ideal for smaller kitchens because they reflect light.

2. Use contrasting colours

Pick contrasting hues if you want to use a colour scheme that adds visual interest to the room. However, don’t go as far as to think that we suggest bringing some electric shades. A popular contrasting combination is between grey and white, or grey and deep green or burgundy. Bringing classic colours together creates a luxurious and classic look and transforms your kitchen into a place where people want to spend time. Depending on what colours you pick for your kitchen colour palette, you can opt for a lighter or darker shade of grey.

Pick the colour for the cabinet doors first because those are where the eye is drawn when someone enters the kitchen first. The cabinets make the foundation of the kitchen, and you can build from there.

3. Mix grey with wood accents

Before embracing the grey colour palette for your kitchen, you should know that some grey tones make spaces look cool, and you might not want to achieve this kind of vibe in the kitchen. However, if you like those grey shades the most, you can use some wood accents to make the cooking space feel warmer. Wood elements add the natural warmth you want to achieve for your kitchen.

Interior designers promote grey and wood as a match made in heaven, and if you look on Pinterest, you’ll easily notice that it’s one of the most popular designs at the moment. Wood and grey are also ideal for designing an industrial-style space. Organic finishes like wood make the spaces feel more calming and inviting, which you want to get when creating social spaces.

4. Embrace the farmhouse aesthetic

Suppose you don’t know what kitchen design style you prefer; we suggest having a look at the country or farmhouse style, which is incredibly popular at the moment. And the good news is it has always been trendy because it looks classic and timeless. We promise you won’t get bored of it.

Therefore, if you want to build a welcoming kitchen inviting your family to spend more time there, the farmhouse style is ideal. And the shaker-style cabinets look great in grey.

5. Use pops of metal for a luxurious feel

When you want to add pops of colours in the kitchen but prefer to get the furniture in the same grey shade, using metal accessories might do the trick. You can welcome colour in your kitchen by adding accessories like bronze pans and pots, pastel chairs, and coloured cooking utensils.

You can also choose a splashback and tiles in a bold colour that compliments the grey scheme.

A pop of gold metal will make the kitchen look contemporary and modern, so don’t think twice before ordering the door handles and sink taps in a luxurious metallic hue.

6. Welcome patterns and texture in the kitchen

Bright colours aren’t the only way to add visual interest in a room; you can also mix and match patterns and textures. If you have a wall you want to draw attention to, you can use wallpaper to transform it into a feature piece. Or you can incorporate some brick elements to add texture to the space.

You can take many routes when you use a grey scheme to design a kitchen. The above recommendations should help you transform the space into a welcoming cooking space.

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