Inflatable Fairing, now there is no stopping for bikers

inflatable fairing

Devolving on the vicinity of a specific place on the Earth, there are several months in a year when bikers might have to face rain, snowfall, mist or even extreme cold atmospheric conditions. The Inflatable Fairing by the Italian designer Moshen Saleh is a terrific innovation that lets the bikers utilize their bikes on a day-to-day basis, regardless of the atmospheric conditions. Designed to protect the biker from harsh atmospheric conditions, the Inflatable Fairing is just ideal for Pro-Straight bikes.

The biggest advantage of this design is that it is absolutely decided by the biker to use the shield or not according to his or her convenience. So the shield is not a fixed or permanent system and can be used depending on the weather conditions on a particular day. The prodigious shape of the Inflatable Fairing is designed after the shape of rain droplets. At the same time, the fairing is very much suitable for upright bikes, recumbent bikes as well as motorbikes.
inflatable fairing 01
inflatable fairing 02

Via: Design Temptation

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