Voltair Vertical Turbine harnesses movement of vehicles to produced clean energy

voltair vertical turbine

Nowadays people are looking for renewable sources of energy to produce electricity. Since we all know that non-renewable sources of energy are depleting and also causing harm to the environment, therefore renewable sources of energy become an integral part of modern life, which not only fulfill the increasing energy demand but also help in sustaining the environment. Conceived by Portuguese designer Luis Castanheira Santos, the “Voltair” is a vertical turbine that harnesses the movement of vehicles to produced energy and converts it into electricity to power urban areas.

Designed to be installed at strategic locations, such as suburban motorways, railways or highways, the vertical wind turbine generates green energy that can be used to power different routes and associated equipment, including gas stations, toll stations and other service areas, making them self-sufficient without disrupting the environment.

[Cheers Luis]

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