Best innovative laptop designs and features worth waiting for

Of late, some major laptop makers have come up with a few new laptop concepts that will entirely change the way we use laptops. These futuristic devices makes use of some of the top state-of-the-art techs to take their accessibility and usability to a whole new level.Check out the following list to catch a glimpse of these soon-to-come novelties.

  1. Fujitsu Lifebook X2

Fujitsu Lifebook X2 laptop design

Park Hyun Jin is the man behind the concept of Fujitsu Lifebook X2. The design of this laptop focuses on being compact and stylish. The laptop does not fold in half, but in quarters. This feature enables this laptop to fit into a clutch purse for easy portability. The laptop has a physical keyboard, a touchpad and a screen with it. When completely open, its size is comparable to a traditional laptop.

  1. Apple’s Open and Shut Case

Apple’s Open and Shut Case laptop design

The Apple’s conceptual laptop will use a transparent and multi-touch capable display. The Open and Shut Case features a control surface that can act for both the sides of the laptop. This feature will eliminate the need for opening and closing the lid every time the user urges to use the laptop. The compact design of this laptop will enable its users to carry it easily with them.

  1. Vaio Zoom

Vaio Zoom design laptop design

Sony’s Vaio Zoom will use the futuristic holographic technology in its functioning. It will feature a holographic screen and an opaque keyboard section. The keys of the keyboard and the screen’s content will show as the laptops powers up. This laptop will also incorporate a wireless charging system for easy and hassle free charging.

  1. Rolltop

Rolltop design laptop design

Rolltop is a concept laptop given by Orkin Design. When not in use, the user can fold this laptop into an easy-to-carry tube. Moreover, the laptop also lies flat on a surface for tablet use. This laptop has a flexible OLED display, a screen keyboard, a stylus, power supply, webcam, USB ports and an extendable power cord.

  1. Cario

Cario laptop design

The Cario is an idea of a compact laptop that is a handy option for using in cars and trucks. User can place the laptop in the steering of the vehicle for easy use. This laptop incorporates technologies like full-screen keyboards, transparency and edgeless displays in it to deliver smart features. The Cario will connect with the vehicle’s integrated features that will allow the user to adjust the settings of the vehicle like climate control and music control.

  1. Compenion

Compenion laptop design

The companion is a sleek and slim concept, which features two OLED touch screens. The two screens have a design, which enables one of its screens to slide under the other to provide easy portability. The other screen serves as a soft keyboard or as a digital writing pad. Moreover, the Companion has extra docking stations that include a home unit, which can act as an entertainment center. Overall, the functionality and features of this laptop are extraordinary.

  1. Prime Gaming Laptop

Prime Gaming Laptop design

If you are a gamer, then this laptop concept is for you. Kyle Cherry, the designer of the laptop, has introduced a triple screen design concept to this laptop. There are three different displays in the laptop with the center display being 13-inches. The total wingspan of the laptop is of 26-inches. The user will be able to close the right and left end screens of the display to reduce itsspace for easy portability. 

The features and design of these conceptual laptops are amazing. The ideas behind these devices are innovative, which will utilize the latest upcoming technologies. These laptops will deliver an enhanced experience to the users along with the versatility in their functioning.

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