Innovative Products to Try Out for Improved Sleep

Wake-up Light Alarm Clock

In today’s technologically-advanced world, it is no surprise that more and more innovative products are coming out in the market. Companies from every industry are always looking out for better ways to satisfy needs and improve consumers’ day-to-day lives. As a result, the health and wellness industry has been met with an influx of technological innovations.

Having a good night’s sleep is perhaps one of the most crucial elements of health, with proper sleep being linked to several health benefits. Lack of sleep and poor sleep quality, however, are some of the biggest problems faced by people today. In response to this, companies have worked to develop technologies to improve sleep.

If you are looking for ways to get better sleep every night, you can try out some of the innovative sleep technologies available in the market today. Whether it be sleep headbands or a gel memory foam mattress for your bed frame, you will find several products that you can integrate into your lifestyle. 

1. Sleep Applications

Sleep Applications

If you frequent your AppStore or Google Play Store, then you may have noticed an influx of sleep-related applications designed to help you monitor your sleep. These applications commonly track sleep patterns or provide guided meditations to help with your sleep. Depending on your lifestyle, you may find several benefits to sleep tracking, especially since it can make you aware of sleep issues you may have. 

2. Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Since the introduction of memory foam to the sleep market, many people have not been able to turn back to regular mattresses! Memory foam has been found to improve sleep because it helps your spine stay in a neutral position and regulates your body temperature, ultimately providing optimal comfort.

With the latest innovations, companies have taken a step further to create gel memory foam mattresses. Gel memory foam is essentially your memory foam infused with gel beads to create a more breathable mattress that can improve airflow for cooler sleep, as well as support pressure relief. If you struggle with sleep because of discomfort and possible body pain, consider getting a gel memory foam mattress and see how it can help with your sleep experience. 

3. Sleep Headband

Sleep Headband

In an attempt to utilize intelligent technology for better sleep, many companies have introduced wearable devices, with the sleep headband being one of the most popular. Though each headband is designed differently, the common premise is that the headband has sensors to track and react to your sleep patterns.

For example, once you reach your deepest stage of sleep called the slow-wave, the headband can do things like play soft tunes to increase the amplitude and production of slow brain waves. By doing so, you can achieve a slow-wave sleep, which is known to be the most therapeutic type of sleep that can help your brain recover from all the information it may have processed. 

4. Wake-up Light Alarm Clock

Wake-up Light Alarm Clock

While alarm clocks may not always be the best association with good sleep, wake-up light alarm clocks try to combat that mentality by making use of light therapy. Most of the time, it can be stressful waking up to the harsh sound of your alarm clock, only to find yourself pressing the snooze more than once. Wake-up light clocks take away those loud and startling sounds and instead emit light slowly before your wake-up time. This method helps your body wake up and prevents the production of cortisol, which can leave you in a bad mood all day.

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