Jellyfish Pool LED Lamp lets you bathe in a techie influence

pool led lamp 01

Swimming pools may have become an integral part of contemporary apartments, but at the same time pools always remain a matter of worry for the parents with young kids. However, the “Jellyfish Pool LED Lamp” is an innovative lamp that other than creating various light effects also incorporates 180 spherical angle cameras to keep an eye on your children using the pool. The LED also connects to TV or mobile technology, via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, to show images from the pool, together with information about the quality of the water or sun radiation. It also integrates the Aqua filter purifier to ensure the purity of water for a hygienic bath. Moreover, the pool lamp makes use of a photovoltaic cell to recharge the batteries, while the splash sensor keeps you informed about any stir or anxiety in the pool.

pool led lamp 02
pool led lamp 03
pool led lamp 04
pool led lamp 05

Via: Led-emotionalize

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