Jewellery- a women’s passion

Jewellery is something that amazes and gives a woman immense pleasure. Women are always on the lookout for new jewellery and keeping this in mind, jewellers are on the hype of producing and designing new jewelleries for women. Amazing and breath taking designs for jewellery are being chosen by the fashion forward companies. To develop a clear and confident direction, efforts and thoughts are collaborated for 2014 with historians, expert jewellery designers and the industry insiders. The gemstone cuts, colors and materials are carefully matched from all over the world to get the best and astounding jewellery designs for the forthcoming year. These beautiful and intricate jewellery pieces are described and included for the publication. Traditional colored gemstones such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires have not only created excitement among jewellery designers but also have generated creativity and expression.


The four best jewellery design trends of the year 2014 are as follows-


This jewellery trend is the most daring and remarkable style of 2014.  The Allegoria is the symbol of ritual and is considered to be sacred. This particular theme has the soul which not conjures the mythical spirit but also the medieval spirits. This piece of jewellery has intricate work and is allusive and has sculptural design. This design encompasses the primitive instincts and ancient   principles and philosophies. It has the beauty of geometric designs. However there is a contrast in the colors of the stones and gems used. These stones and gems have the modern representatives. It is far away from the gothic era.  The colors of the Allegoria designs are fiery flame, off white, shocking ultramarine blue and intense rust. This is indeed a must buy for woman who believe in sacred thoughts.

Cross gender

This is latest trend of the modern world. It portrays the image of ever changing, complex and multi-faceted moods of the consumerism. The conventions are challenged by exploring the stereotype resistance. These Cross genders have unique designs with alternative imaginative universes, preposterous fantasy and surrealism. It is an amalgamation of future expectations, visions and gender. The most colors used are strong pink, pure whites and pale blue. If you have a knack for modernism, try out these jewelleries.

Minimal East

The Asian influence is the target for contemporary trend. Not only the innovative technology but also the ancient crafts lead to the emergence neo-minimalist trends. This examines the cultural roots of the present world which is changing rapidly.  The designs are contemplative and innovative. Here soft toned and subtle colors are used such as Chinese lacquer red, fresh jade greens and grey-green. These designs are sophisticated as well as scrupulous in design and style.

Eldorado Remix

This remix is achieved by uniting and combining the two southern countries- Brazil and South Africa. The Brazilian modernity and Africans’ pride leads to the best remix jewellery trend. These have vibrant colors, rich, spirited and the tribal looks when inter mingles with the contemporary traditional ideals, intricate and amazing design is created. Provocative colors such as bright green, deep brown and different earthy colors are used along with the turquoise, ruby, amethyst and corals.

All these beautiful jewellery trends welcomes the year 2014 in the most exciting and adventurous ways. They have been designed in an alluring and enticing way so that they please women. The moments will be captured with changing trends as well as designs and even the mood.  These innovative jewellery designs will be one of the most stunning and marvelous publication of 2014. Women will be engulfed in the wonderful designs of the contemporary times.

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