Kitchen products and concepts that might revolutionize everyday cooking

Modern kitchen hasn’t just evolved in looks but also in cooking conveniences and abilities. Cooking requires you to invest a decent amount of time in the kitchen to come up with a mouth-watery super dish. To achieve this, many new innovative kitchen concepts and products have been devised. The chief focus of these latest kitchen revolutions is to better the cooking experience of the modern man. People who want to transform their ordinary kitchens into extraordinary should know about these latest fabulous kitchenconcepts.

  1. Easystir


Easystir is a perfect way to make your hands free by stirring the dish all by itself. It has magnets in it that reacts with the induction stove to stir the dish and saves your time. Moreover, it saves your money because it does not require any power source for its working. The Easystir is adjustable and can fit into almost any kind of pot. The user can also adjust the stirring speed of the Easystir. It is easy to clean it in the dishwasher, and you can store it simply with other utensils.

  1. Treat


The Treat is a kitchen gadget, which combines classic food storage techniques with modern mobile technology. It has a shape of a tree and can store your food in an interactive way. It is capable of offering freshness and convenience to our busy lives by offering smart features. The treat can communicate with its user through wireless technology to tell the condition of your stored food. When the food stored in it expires, then it simply drops it down from the tree. You can preheat your meal before you even get home by accessing it with a mobile app.

  1. Kitchen Drawer


Nojae Park has developed the concept of modern Kitchen Drawer. In reality, you can consider it as a small smart kitchen, which has four main parts. It has a stainless plate for warming up your food, an electric stove for cooking, a mini-fridge to store eatables and a dish drawer. The innovative Kitchen Drawer is easy to use and has a compact size.

  1. All In One Kitchen


All In One kitchen by Sebastian Poupeau is the mother of all single platform kitchens. Everything you require for cooking is under a single slab. It has a main worktop, which is height adjustable so that the user can use it in a convenient way. Other fixtures include a food cutting area, a dining table, induction hobs, an oven, a sink, a drying rack, a dishwasher with two separate racks and a digital screen. Every essential entity that you want in your modern kitchen is available in this perfect One in all kitchen combination.

  1. Lift Modular Kitchen


Life is a unique kitchen concept presented to the world by Michel Cornu. This modular kitchen has everything that you need in a typical kitchen. The uniqueness of this kitchen concept lies in the fact that every individual module of the kitchen has an adjustable position. It means that the user can slide a module up or down as per his/her usage. It offers flexibility to the user while saving a lot of space.

  1. Outpost Kitchen


The Outpost kitchen has sized as a filing cabinet and has an extendable surface on its two sides. It is an ultimate modular kitchen, which is a fully functional cooking-spot. Moreover, due to its compact size you can operate it anywhere such as in an office, home or backyard.

These kitchen products and concepts are fantastic and offer many smart features such as compactness, intelligent working and easiness in use. Owing these kitchens will make you feel extraordinary and fabulous.

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