LG Slide Phone: A big-screen experience rolled inside a phone

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Staying connected with others has become quite easy, thanks to the latest technology and gadgets. The young and energetic generation has become very demanding, especially businessmen and women. Such people are always on the move, so their cellphones have to be special that solve both business and fun purposes. Traveling at times means leaving behind necessary gadgets, as it is not possible to carry and manage everything. Phones and laptops have become an integral part of our lives which at any cost cannot be left behind. At times carrying a laptop everywhere that offers a big screen is not possible, what to do in that case? Well, killing this flaw is Jason Betty’s LG Slide phone, which not only lets you attend important calls but also has a big screen, rolled inside it.

The usage of a phone has heavily shifted from mere texting/calling to a lot other things, like surfing the net, playing games, chatting, apps, etc. Normally using all these features on your phone come sans the experience of a real screen, but not if you have this LG cellphone. The LG Slide phone is sleek, lightweight and can even fit in your wallet. But don’t go by its size, as this thin gadget has a lot of power embedded inside it. This handy yet petite device has the biggest screen that can be easily pulled out whenever required.

When the need arises, simply drag out the side after selecting the internet and you will get a large screen. Controlling the cursor can be done by simply placing the thumb on the main cursor. To access the main menu, all you have to do is hold down on the menu button and all the icons will appear magically. It has QWERTY keyboard which makes typing fun and unproblematic. To get the keyboard, just click on the keyboard option. Once you are done with using the large screen, simply pull it out and see the screen rolling back inside the phone in a fraction of seconds. The phone also has a fish eye mirror that can be altered while taking pictures. To capture something, simply aim and tap the upper left or right corner.

The LG Slide Phone will bow down to all your demands when it comes to carrying a sleek phone that offers a large screen to fulfill your multimedia needs.

[Cheers Jason]

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