Lynx Yachts Design the Most Amazing Support Yachts For Sale

Lynx Yachts Design the Most Amazing Support Yachts For Sale

Superyacht shipyard Lynx Yachts is the go-to shipyard for support yachts for sale. Custom designed, each construction is conceived to bring the owner all the unique features an owner seeks in a support vessel while enjoying the comfort and luxury of a superyacht.

Lynx Yachts, renowned for its craftsmanship and innovative designs, offers the YXT series of support yachts to suit a variety of needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for greater storage volume, enhanced navigation capabilities or the ability to indulge in leisure activities, there’s a Lynx Yacht support vessel designed to satisfy your boating experience.

The YXT range carefully devised by the Dutch specialist can be customised to be an extension of a main vessel but can also suffice itself. All you need to do is select one their support yachts for sale that corresponds to your needs.

The Most Compact of  The Series: YXT 20

The Most Compact of The Series

With its starting size of 20 meters, the YXT 20, the smallest model of the series, though compact, is impressively robust and multifunctional. This support yacht offers essential services without compromising on space. Built with an easy access, the YXT 20 features a deck area that can be adapted for the owner’s needs. This support yacht for sale is ideal for storing tenders and water scooters as well as other recreational equipment such as kayaks, paddle boards and other yacht toys. Its streamlined design ensures smooth sailing and easy manoeuvrability, making it an invaluable asset for journeys in remote waters.

The Standard Size of The Series: YXT 27

YXT 27

For those desiring additional superior capabilities and luxurious features, the YXT 27 redefines support yachting. With its 27.10 meters long, this vessel provides extensive storage for watercraft and other equipment. It was also designed to accommodate for additional guests and crew members. It’s the ideal vessel if you need to embark extra friends and family on your next adventure. The cutting-edge technology that is fitted onboard the YXT 27 provides the vessel better performances for an unparalleled cruising experience.

Whether utilized for adventurous journeys or as an extension of the main yacht’s amenities, this support vessel guarantees unmatched comfort and convenience.

For Greater Spaces Choose The YXT 34

The YXT 34

The largest of the series reaches 33.8 meters in length. This support yacht reinvents the boundaries of functionality and extravagance with a very masculine touch. With its XXL deck space it can welcome several motorized toys, such as tender, water scooter, or submarine. The vessel boasts a fully equipped gym and sumptuous amenities for guests and crew.

It’s the perfect vessel if you are looking to set up a game room, a home cinema, or if your main vessel doesn’t have a big enough laundry or utility room onboard. It can also be the ideal vessel if you need to have an extra cabin for a babysitter, a personal assistant or additional crew members.

The flagship of the YXT series offers a unique maritime experience that allow you to escape for an unforgettable adventure while cruising in style.

When looking at support yachts for sale, be sure to select the one that offers you the most customization. The demands for these shadow vessels are growing and it’s no wonder since they can also be used as a stand-alone vessel offering all comfort and luxury found on main vessels. They don’t necessarily need to be used as a floating helipad or the extension garage of a larger superyacht.

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