Mirror ironing board closet becomes a lamp to glow your room

Mirror ironing board closet

For those living a minimalist life, they often wonder where to put their stuff. Amongst the things that they worry about, selecting a place for the iron is also one. There are plenty of ways to tackle this problem. Mirror ironing board closet is one such solution. When you don’t want to use it successfully conceals your iron. Furthermore, it also serves dual purpose of a mirror and a lamp. This is not the only such gadget out there. The market is full of other gadgets who make ironing a very unique experience.

Mirror ironing board closet

mirror ironing board 01

Developed for German manufacturer Konzept Design, the “Mirror ironing board closet” by designer Nils Wodzak is a compact installation that accumulates all your ironing equipments, including iron, board and spray bottle, into a small closet that doubles as a mirror and triples as a lamp to illuminate your room. All the user need to do is simply open the mirror cum ironing board, plug in the iron and accomplish the ironing task, of course, in style. After you are done with ironing, you may hide all the clutter behind the trendy mirror. Made in makrolon/wood, the multifunctional unit by the German designer comes with and without light. The mirror ironing board closet is deal for small apartments.

mirror ironing board
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Some more innovative iron concepts

Recently several interesting iron concepts came into light. Here are some of them.

1. Easy Glider Easy Glider steam iron concept

The Easy Glider is a sleek and user-friendly steam iron concept. The lightweight steam iron can be used on any surface and its base is very slim. The ergonomic design and better gripping technique of the Easy Glider prevents repetitive strain injury. The steam controlling button has been conveniently placed just behind your fingers. The amount of steam generated by the Easy Glider depends on the pressure you put on the button. The 3 wheels attached with the base function on a lock mechanism so that the iron can be used on the ground as well as on an iron table.

2. 360 Iron360 Iron

The 360 Iron has not made any revolutionary changes to the traditional iron yet it has made the existing design more competent and user friendly. It has a touch screen display which is more convenient than the usual switches and buttons. The twist of your wrists is transferred to the iron so that you do not have to use too much pressure or strain your hand. The 360 Iron has a soft grip in front of the power cord. The touch screen is located just above the soft grip so that you can easily monitor and control the iron. The flexible joint makes it easier to move the iron as you please on top of the clothes.

3. Steam Iron with LED Steam Iron

Designed by Tatasuya Kobayashi, the Steam Iron with LED is a convenient and helpful household appliance concept which has LED lights. The Red LED light will tell you about the temperature of the iron. The silicone lining of the iron will help in preventing your hands from getting burnt by chance.

4. Sleek Mouse Iron Sleek Mouse Iron

Adam Wendel’s iron concept resembles the Apple Magic Mouse. It has got a FOLED interface and ergonomic design. It is so sleek that you will not feel any strain while ironing clothes for hours with it. Another specialty of this iron concept is its ball joint which also acts as a water reservoir.

5. Gekko Iron

gekko iron 1

Providing more safety and stability to an ordinary household product, designer Erik Pavon has come up with a trendy but at the same time functional iron dubbed “Gekko” that lets you iron your clothes in style. Designed to create a safer and more productive ironing experience, the Gekko’s lower body shell is constructed of a plastic containing polymers that change color when the temperature of the iron changes. This feature gives the user the ability to visualize the temperature of the iron rather then having to guess, preventing unnecessary burns.

The Gekko’s handle pivots downward to release steam from the steam plate, giving the user a more ergonomic and natural experience while ironing; rather then having to reach for a button causing the user discomfort.

In the center of the sphere lies the irons water container, water can be inserted or extracted by pressing a button underneath the handle, allowing the containers opening to be revealed. This concealed system allows the iron to be stored with a full tank without fear of leakage, for users who iron on a regular basis. There is another button, at the bottom belly of the Gekko, to release water from the spray nozzle in the front of the iron.

Other Features

Both the spray and handle release button are positioned in a way to prevent poor ergonomics while using the iron, thus giving the user the most comfortable experience possible. Even the size of the Gekko’s handle serves a dual purpose, as it not just confers a more comfortable ironing experience but also allows the containment of an internal battery, making the Gekko seamless and intuitive. In short, the Gekko Iron gives the user males with “high inclination to technology,” the feeling of driving a “Lamborghini Gallardo on the Côte d’Azur. An elegant design, something that could provoke the feeling of love.”

6. Infinity Iron with OLED

infinity iron 01

It’s not too long when we published the “Immersed Senses,” by Adam Wendel that can well be hailed as the future of underwater diving and exploration. Moving us in the future once again, the New York based designer has popped up an iron concept. Named  “Infinity,” this iron is designed to assist users suffering from chronic joint problems such as arthritis. It is a user-friendly, intuitive, intelligent and more comfortable design. Moreover, the futuristic iron feature clean lines of the outer shell that gracefully lead the eye around its dynamic shape.

What’s new?

The new appliance eliminates the handle of the traditional iron. This improves the range of motion, reducing stress from the user’s wrist. Moreover, the width of the top shell allows the fingers to hold the iron gently. This prevents any strain during the griping process. The shell pivots and rotates along the center sphere. Furthermore, this also acts as the water reservoir.

The shell surface rim has a heat sensitive device that heats up when it meets the human hand. Moreover, the Infinity also includes an automatic turn off feature. This feature shuts off the heating mechanism upon sensing a risk of burning or catching on fire. The water reservoir of the iron illuminates a blue light to signal the reservoir and the temperature to the user.

Dividing the shell into two parts, the front half is the OLED display and the back is the textured rubber for superior grip, the iron as suggested by its name opens up infinite possibilities to the users, thanks to the touch sensitive OLED screen. Controlling the temperature through a thermostat according to the fabric, the Infinity Iron also provides a material selection and guide to iron your clothes with care.

Tech designers are changing the age old traditional model of irons and turning them into a more efficient household gadget. The modern iron concepts can make your tedious chores more enjoyable.

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