Most Exciting Sink Designs to Enhance the Beauty of Your House

What according you is the least considered aspect while designing or renovating your house? Let me tell you, it is the sink. Yes, although the sink plays a major role in making your kitchen or bathroom stylish and functional, it is one of the most underestimated areas, which we overlook entirely. Read this article to know about five most attractive and stylish sink designs that would surely glorify your house.  Contemporary Onda Washplane Sink from Omvivo

Contemporary Onda Washplane Sink from Omvivo:

Designed by Joseph Licciardi, this is latest and uniquely planned sink for your home. The most striking feature of the sink is that it resembles a plain surface accompanied by a small slope just below the faucet. This is a true example of a sink that combines simplicity with functionality and elegance. The sink is perfect for kitchens that are sufficiently large.

Canali by Neve Rubinetterie

Canali by Neve Rubinetterie:

The all-new Canali Sink, designed by Neve Rubinetterie, is a perfect accessory for modern, contemporary kitchens or bathrooms. The sink features more as a pipe and is multipurpose, as you can use it as a long faucet or you can fold it to hold napkins and towels. In addition, you can use it as a direct hanging from bathroom ceiling.

Lavabi by Axolutedesign_1

Lavabi by Axolutedesign:

Lavabi from Axolutedesign has been created keeping a moderate and austere theme in mind, which is unique and functional. The sink includes nothing but a square plate and is free from any extra piping and fixtures. Thus it is+ not only easy to operate but also completely functional.

Origin Basin by Nothing Design Group

Origin Basin by Nothing Design Group:

This attractive sink design goes to the credit of Nothing Design Group from Korea and the design cuddles around the origin and the flow of water. The basin in fact is a miniature river like structure where user can let the flow by just lifting up a small stone and reach the exit hole. Users can empty the sink in the same manner by lifting up the small stone.

Plugless Sink by Maja Gnaszyniec

Plugless Sink by Maja Gnaszyniec:

This is an amazing and outlandish sink designed by Maja Ganszyniec and is best for those who still live the traditional way. A bowl shaped sink without a plughole allows you to take water and pour it away when you complete your work.


From extremely stylish to those with a traditional approach, all these wonderful sink designs are not just beautiful and stylish but also add fun to your daily activities.

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