Unique Ideas to Add Extra Space to Your Bathroom

With urban apartments getting smaller, now families have to do with the limited space in the house and utilizing the available space in a proper way is quite necessary. The bathroom is one place where we can implement effective space utilization ideas in our home. We will look at some such implementations in the following sections.The Flight Concept

The Flight Concept:

Created by designer Isabelle Hauser, this bathroom concept can be an answer for apartments with space constraint. It merges a shower cubicle, washing table and folding bathtub together into one unit. Tipping device is slowed down using pneumatic springs and when these springs are folded, they show up the handles, which can be used for entering the bathtub from shower cabin.

Bathroom gears are made accessible using the shower cabin and the washing table while the magnetic sprinkler ensures that you enjoy the shower from any position you are in. There is also a large drawer beneath the washing table providing extra space to keep things. The washing table also has a lamp at one corner, which we can use for shower lighting.

Tulip Shower_1

Tulip Shower:

Many of the bathrooms nowadays are not large enough to accommodate any bathtub. Tulip is a flip down system that lays down the bathtub and retracts when not being used. As per its name, it flips open and in upright position, it thwarts splashing and use steam for showering. Even in small space, it is not devoid of luxurious features like underwater jets, digitally managed bathing features and high-powered massagers.

Cirrus MVR

Cirrus MVR:

It is a complete portable bathroom having a tub, sink and toilet. Michael Trudgeon has designed this mainly to be used in Australian outback at places where water availability is scarce. It has a recycling system, which functions for longer duration with less water requirement. Other good things about it are its paltry water requirements, steel construction and facility wherein you can easily fold it up and take to places where bathroom facilities are not available. The design has been received appreciation and was awarded the Bathroom Innovation Award.

Whirlpool Bathtub with TV_1

Whirlpool Bathtub with TV:

It is a vanity as well as bathtub at the same time and when the vanity stays hidden, you get complete access to the bathtub and OLED TV screen. If you flip down the TV, you will find the vanity with two sinks and a mirror.

Bathroom by Michal Mitek_1

Bathroom by Michal Mitek:

It has a system consisting of open lid used in the middle of bathroom. In case the lid is closed, it works as a shower room and when open the floor turns into set of benches similar to what we see in a spa.


If you are looking to save some space in the bathroom and make it appear spacious, there are several options available. Moreover, these bathrooms come equipped with modern amenities to ensure a refreshing bath.

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