New Mclaren 720s stealth theme adds more to the hype


McLaren 720S is one of the fastest cars on the Earth and also has one of the best body lines. Do you think it can be better? MSO thinks positive and that is why McLaren Automotive has revealed a new look for its current supercar, 720S.

 Dubbed as the “Stealth Theme”, the new appearance comes from the MSO (McLaren Special Operations) that focuses on the transformation of unique ideas into reality. The theme drapes the car in the dark gray exterior with bright red accents. Actually, it looks like dark gray but its exact color is Sarthe Grey. Grey or Sarthe Grey, 720S look fantastic in any of them. The color pays tribute to the F1 GTR, the only car from the brand to won Le Mans in 1995.

Stealth Theme 720S is not just a car from McLaren, but it also shows the capability of MSO, who changed a special car and gave a version that its owner will stand out of the crowd. Master craftsmen took around 200 hours to hand paint the car with Sarthe Grey. MSO will also reveal different paints that can be used to modify the graphics, interior, and appearance of the car.

What’s new?New-Mclaren-720s-stealth-theme

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Last year McLAren 720S came to replace the famous 650S. New 720S also has the same specifications, but a Stealth Theme built on request from a McLaren dealer in London. The theme adds splashes of red on leather seats, door cards, and console. Apart from these, there are added carbon and Alacantra to the interiors. The front air intakes have carbon accents, front doors have mirrors and satin black wheels have ten spoke alloys. Additions at the back include a rear deck and air intakes.

Technical Specifications

Under the rear lid, the McLaren 720S Stealth Theme has twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 engine carried from the regular coupe. With a power and maximum torque of 527kW (710 bhp) and 770Nm (568lb ft ) respectively,  it again has the unmatched levels of performance.

The supercar has lightweight pistons and a severe crankshaft and the twin turbochargers are capable of 160,000rpm. 720S has company’s Port Fuel Injection that has an injection count of 16.

The engine is combined with a Seamless-Shift Gearbox (SSG) seven-speed dual clutch transmission. Gear changes can be automatic or can be handled manually that also from both the paddles as it has the new rocker installation.

Watch the clock to see it passing the 100km/h mark within 2.9 seconds and 200km/h in 7.8 seconds. The top speed of the uncompromising and brutal machine is 314 km/h.


Lots of carbon fiber is included in the car. Its “Monocage II” model includes an upper structure and surrounds the windscreen giving the car extra rigidity. The Monocage II model and carbon fiber used, the car has a light dry weight of 1283kg. Its engine is mounted 150mm lower than the previous models that give it an enhanced center of gravity. The cowl is also lower in the model giving a sensation of fighter jet engine. The all-glass cockpit looks very stylish and neat.

Aero work is extraordinary in the car: panel ahead of the front wheels allows the turbulent air pressure to evacuate along the side to enhance downforce and the door ducts at the top channels high-velocity cool air to the radiator. If compared to 650S, the new edition is 15 percent more efficient in its cooling, generates 50 percent more downforce and just scores double in aerodynamics.

The braking system of the car brings it to standstill from 200 km/h (124mph) in 4.6 seconds. This crazy feature makes it usable for all kind of racers as well as naive drivers. One of the best thing – even with such power, it emits only 249 CO2s.


Here is the thing, Stealth Theme McLAren 720S is not getting any upgrade under the hood. So, driving experience and performance will be the same. Here we are talking about the driving experience of the regular 720S not the Stealth Theme version. Once the latter will be available for test drive or purchase, we will certainly channel the information to you.

Redefining racing standards has always been a habit of new McLaren. 720S does the same by stepping up on the performance ladder. It is the most accomplished sports car we have driven. With a ground clearance of 4.2 inches, it gives you a comfort of Mercedes S class and the handling of McLaren (off course).

With a couple of passengers in the cockpit and petrol full tank, it also recorded the same 0 to 100 km/h within 2.9 seconds. McLAren 720S needs 4000 rpm on the tachometer before you can actually take off, and once you do it feels sensationally rapid. It gives smooth, seamless experience and once you cross 8000 rpm, the racing genes inside your body start behaving dramatically. You can spend hours playing with the extralegal speed of the machine and still feel well below its capacity.

Car’s seven-speed gearbox shifts a bit softly at low rpm but it is very quick at high revolutions, especially on Track Mode. At Sports Mode, it superbly predicts when you are going to overtake someone on highways and automatically shift up to three gears as you tilt the accelerator.

McLaren’s Proactive Chassis Control II connect the left and right dampers with a number of accumulators and hydraulic hoses so that the compression one side cannot make its way to the other. This allows the manufacturers to reduce or increase the roll stiffness without compromising on the vertical compliance.

Price, Availability, and rivals

MSO disclosed that the latest edition will be available in three different versions of 720S. They have not revealed the price yet, but we expect it to be a notch higher than the current 720S that has a price tag starting from £218,020/$378,215.

At £184,844 Ferrari 488 GTB can make a bargain with its adept chassis and music, but at 661 bhp it lacks the firepower in comparison to McLaren 720S or its Stealth version. Then, we have the Italian Lamborghini Huracan Performance at £209,980 which is close to the price of 720S but lacks further on power (631 bhp).

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