Origo: Is it a coffee table or origami sculpture?

origo 03
Over the period we have marked a drastic change in the stuff and designing of home and office furniture that shedding its customary looks have now turned into an essential décor for modern apartments. Developed by Javier Palomares for Dellarobbia USA, the Origo Coffee Table is yet another diversion form the stereotype, displaying a rather unusual design for a table. The new coffee table derives inspiration from origami folds, with each face divided into three-dimensional triangular shapes that pick a different grade of light according to its angle. This results in an interesting composition of light and dark shades. The coffee table is finished with high gloss graphite and white polyurethane on CNC MDF frame, while the 10 mm tempered silkscreen black and white glass enhances its beauty. The Origo Coffee Table measuring about 42″w x 42″d x 13″h is simply a work of art by the designer.

origo 02

origo 01
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[Thanks Javier]

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