A Quick Review of Nutrisystem from One Geek’s Perspective

In the global marketplace for diet plans, there are many options, ranging from the sensible to the radical to the just plain absurd. At its most basic, a diet plan claims to offer people a way they can lose weight with reasonable ease as long as they stick to the diet plan and exercise heavily enough to lose the weight.

Some diet plans are uncomplicated such as simply cutting fast food out of one’s diet and eating smaller portions at home. Other diet plans are more radical, such as specialized diets intended to remove carbohydrates or trans fats. Some have more specialized purposes in mind such as cleansing the body of various food-based chemicals that drive people to eat more than they need. And a few are truly over the top, promising massive weight loss from anything from an all fruit diet (which would cause a dangerous overdose of sugar and a painful deficiency of protein and iron) to simply taking pills.

Nutrisystem Meal Plan


One diet plan that has been proven to be a reliable way to lose weight is the Nutrisystem meal plan. This system offers a deceptively simple product that works legitimately. With the Nutrisystem plan, a regular supply of pre-made meals, snacks, and drink mixes are shipped to the customer’s house to replace their previous diet.

While this is an expensive proposition for most people to replace their entire diet with premade food, those who can afford it have nothing but rave Nutrisystem reviews for the effectiveness of this meal plan. This is for a number of reasons, chief among which is that it is a genuinely good way to lose weight without making oneself hungry – always a major complication for most dieters and others trying to lose weight.

What makes this plan work?

The Nutrisystem plan works because the pre-made meals it supplies is built with weight loss in mind. The portions are smaller than those of fast food and store-bought frozen dinners, meaning that people get fewer unnecessary calories for their diets. Because most fast food and frozen dinners have massive proportions providing an exorbitant amount of calories (sometimes well over 1000 calories in a single meal, about half of what a typical human body needs in one day in a single sandwich), a more reasonable size of portions can do wonders for dropping pounds.

Additionally, these meals are crafted with keeping people full in mind. These meals are custom cooked to provide maximum protein, vitamins and a good amount of fiber to stay in the stomach and convince the body that it is not hungry.

Cuts your diet into smaller meals


What makes Nutrisystem one of the best-reviewed diet plans, however, is its unorthodox approach of providing six meals a day rather than three. As The Diet Dynamo points out, the idea is that six smaller meals rather than three larger ones will help lessen hunger over the course of a day. The thing is, this plan actually works; with smaller meals, more calories than were consumed are burned away by the time it’s time for another meal with much of the same results. Though these losses are somewhat small, they add up quickly over time, one of the reasons why Nutrisystem is among the best in its class.

Bit costly that its counterparts

The main downside of Nutrisystem is the cost. It’s a very specialized, very costly way to eat that will cause all but the most desperate cases of excessive weight to lose pounds. And this is all before you factor in the cost of shipping and the complexities of the subscription plan.

Taken together, this is not a diet system for everybody. But for those who can manage it, millions of people swear by the results this meal plan provides.

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