Ridiculous gadget designs that could yet prove useful

Gadget concepts are imaginations of how the gadget would look, its functions and usability. These are initial stages of the thought process of the techies. Generally, they are designed keeping in mind 5-10 years of the future and the technology available then. However, some designs do tend to go far off the line, sometimes even beyond the border of usability and functions. Here are a few examples of the aforementioned:


Pepper Mouth:

Are you concerned of what your child does on the Internet when you are not at home? This device when plugged to their laptop will start emitting foul smell if there is any usage of foul language or ill words by your kids. This can also be used to catch hold of your colleagues misusing your computer. However, who would like foul smell coming out of their cabin in the office?


Bluetooth Rings:

Many a times it seems people talking with Bluetooth devices are talking to themselves. To stop this misconception, Designer BCK designed Bluetooth rings. It simply was meant to be worn on your thumb and index finger. To use it you would place your hand at the side of your face with one ring close to the ear, and the other near your mouth. The designer meant to save you from the embarrassment of talking using the Bluetooth device, but ended up with an even more embarrassing solution.


Human Eye Camera:

The concept to build this device was to capture images the way your eyes exactly see things. However, the post production pictures of the concept, displayed giant eye ball shaped objects placed on a stick. Apart from looking scary, they also look absurd.


DSLR Camera Case:

Many would thank the designer for this idea. A camera case is a much needed accessory for photographers. However, this case has proved to be a complete disaster. It covers the camera like a plastic raincoat put over it. Moreover, it sticks to the camera and captures horrible images, as the plastic shields the lens from capturing a clear picture.


Wireless headphones with a webcam:

This device is a wireless headphone that has a webcam mounted on the top centre of it which records videos or captures photos. It could be a useful device if it didn’t look so totally weird.


Some devices with bad designing can really prove to be a blunder. Along with research and designing, the structure of the device is also equally important.

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