Romantic Nintendo Wii Mii chocolate Valentines

chocolate wii mii

It’s never too early to start looking for Valentine’s Day gifts. And since nothing beats the time-tested box-of-chocolates-and-dozen-roses formula (except diamonds, perhaps!), you might as well try out these really original chocolate figurines this year. Form the kitchens of Paul Pape Designs comes this Nintendo Wii-inspired Valentine’s special gift idea made with real Hershey’s chocolate. The Mii’s come in a choice of white or brown chocolate with little red hearts on them. Geekily enough, the box resembles the original Wii packing but what more than makes up for the Nintendo theme is a little note inside the box with the message ‘Wii belong together, you and Mii.’ Adorable! My heart is melting already!

Slippery Brick

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